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TLOs and Data Types are basically built-in global variables which you can use in your own scripts, macros, and hotkeys. See this beginner's guide on TLOs and DataVars for more information.

TLOs are called Top-Level Objects because nothing comes before them. A TLO is not a member of any object, it is itself an object.

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TLO Description DataType(s) Software
Achievement For accessing achievements, achievement categories, and objectives. There's a more detailed writeup of this TLO at achievementmgr achievement achievementcat achievementobj MacroQuest
AdvLoot Returns information about looting with EQ's advanced loot system. advloot advlootitem
AdvPath The TLO AdvPath holds the AdvPath datatype which is much more interesting. AdvPath MQ2AdvPath
Alert Provides access to alerts. alert alertlist MacroQuest
Alias Shows if your command is an alias
AltAbility Returns experimental data for AltAbilities. If you're writing a script, use Me.AltAbility as it's faster. altability
AutoLogin Holds information about the autologin profile used, or currently in use. AutoLogin LoginProfile Profile MQ2AutoLogin
AutoLoot Contains datatypes that concern the activity of the eponymous plugin AutoLoot MQ2AutoLoot
BardSwap Grants access to the "swap" datatype swap MQ2BardSwap
Bazaar Holds data types that give information on search results bazaar bazaaritem MQ2Bzsrch
Bool Creates a bool object using text. Value is set to TRUE unless text is "NULL" "FALSE" or "0" (capitalization does not count). bool MacroQuest
Boxr Provides details about the automation that MQ2Boxr considers to currently be in control Boxr MQ2Boxr
Cast Shows if plugin is loaded, and holds the Cast datatype which is much more interesting Cast MQ2Cast
ChatWnd Returns the title of the MQ2ChatWnd window chatwnd MQ2ChatWnd
Circle Used to return information about the circle created with the /circle command circle MQ2MoveUtils
Corpse Access to objects of type corpse, which is the currently active corpse (ie. the one you are looting). corpse MacroQuest
Cursor Creates an object which references the item on your cursor. item
CWTN Holds the CWTN datatype which is much more interesting CWTN MQ2Berzerker
DanNet Holds datatypes for DanNet that can query fellow peers and provide information on settings DanNet DanObservation MQ2DanNet
Debuff Holds the Debuff data type and several forms for pets and specific debuffs Debuff MQ2Debuffs
Defined Determines whether a variable, array, or timer with this name exists. The variable, array or timer must not be enclosed with ${}. bool MacroQuest
DisplayItem Gives information on item windows DisplayItem MQ2ItemDisplay
DoorTarget Deprecated way to return information on switches (doors are switches in EverQuest). Use TLO:Switch or TLO:SwitchTarget instead. switch MacroQuest
DPSAdv Returns information on whether plugin is loaded, and holds the MQ2DPSAdv data type. DPSAdv MQ2DPSAdv
DynamicZone This TLO gives you access to properties of dynamic (aka instanced) zones. dynamiczone MacroQuest
EQBC Used to return information about MQ2EQBC settings and general plugin information EQBC MQ2EQBC
EventArg1 Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #1# MQ2Events
EventArg2 Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #2#
EventArg3 Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #3#
EventArg4 Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #4#
EventArg5 Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #5#
EventArg6 Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #6#
EventArg7 Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #7#
EventArg8 Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #8#
EventArg9 Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #9#
EverQuest Holds information about the EverQuest session, including ping, UI, tells, window size, etc. everquest MacroQuest
Familiar Used to get information about items on your familiars keyring. keyring keyringitem
Farm Holds the "Farm" data type Farm MQ2FarmTest
FindItem A TLO to find items on your character, corpse or merchant. item MacroQuest
FindItemBank Find items in your bank
FindItemBankCount Find number of items in bank by item name or ID int
FindItemCount Find number of items by item name or ID
Float Creates a float object from n float
FrameLimiter Holds the framelimiter data type framelimiter
Friends Access to the friends list friend
GameTime Returns the in-game EverQuest time, not real life time. time
GMCheck Shows if there is a GM in the zone who wants to make themselves known. GMCheck MQ2GMCheck
Grind The TLO is only available on the toon which started the Grind (Main Tank commonly) Grind MQ2Grind
Ground Access to ground spawns. ground MacroQuest
GroundItemCount Access ground spawn item counts int
GroundSpawns Holds the GroundSpawns datatype. GroundSpawns MQ2GroundSpawns
Group Access to group-related information. group MacroQuest
Heading Directional heading of a location or direction. heading
HUD Shows the names of the HUDs that are loaded MQ2HUD
If Performs Math.Calc on conditions, gives whentrue if non-zero, gives whenfalse if zero. Warning: The `If` TLO was made for macros, not recommended Lua. string MacroQuest
Illusion Used to get information about items on your illusions keyring. keyring keyringitem
Ini Reads value(s) from an ini file located in a relative or absolute path. iniadv string
Int Object that creates an integer from n. int
InvSlot InvSlot is deprecated and scheduled for removal. Please use the member "ItemSlot" and "ItemSlot2" from DataType:item invslot
ItemTarget Behaves the same as TLO:Ground except always prefers the current target ground item. ground
LastSpawn Information about the spawns that have occurred since you entered the zone. When you enter a zone you dont know the spawn order of anything already there, just anything that spawns while you are in the zone. spawn
LineOfSight Object that is used to check if there is Line of Sight betwen two locations. bool
LinkDB Contains a form for searching and displaying links, and a data type linkdb MQ2LinkDB
list Holds the "list" datatype list MQ2Collections
listiterator Holds the "listiterator" datatype listiterator
Lua A transparent accessor to the lua datatype. It takes no index because it is a global state. lua luainfo MQ2Lua
Macro Information about the macro that's currently running. macro MacroQuest
MacroQuest Access information related to the MacroQuest session macroquest
MakeCamp Used to return information about the camp created with the /MakeCamp command makecamp MQ2MoveUtils
map Holds the "map" datatype map MQ2Collections
mapiterator Holds the mapiterator datatype mapiterator
MapSpawn Object that's created when your cursor hovers over a spawn on the map ground spawn MQ2Map
Math Access to information on Math type members math MacroQuest
Me Character object which allows you to get properties of you as a character. character
Medley Holds a form that returns the current medley, as well as the Medley data type. Medley MQ2Medley
Melee Holds the Melee datatype which is much more interesting Melee MQ2Melee
meleemvb A TLO for debugging skills
meleemvi A TLO for debugging variables
meleemvs A TLO to debug options
Menu Access to menu objects when a menu is open. menu MacroQuest
Mercenary Access information on your character's Mercenary mercenary
Merchant Access the currently active merchant merchant
Mount Used to get information about items on your Mount keyring. keyring keyringitem
MoveTo Used to return information about the /moveto command. moveto MQ2MoveUtils
MoveUtils Used to return information about plugin settings and general plugin information MoveUtils
MyButtons Holds the MyButtons datatype which is much more interesting MyButtons MQ2MyButtons
Navigation The alias Nav is more commonly used than Navigation. Navigation MQ2Nav
NearestSpawn Used to find spawns nearest you spawn MacroQuest
NetBots Returns information about the client, but also holds a data type of the same name which is much more interesting. NetBots MQ2NetBots
Pet See what's going on with your pet pet MacroQuest
Plugin Return information on plugins plugin
PointMerchant Access to point merchants, such as those found in LDoN pointmerchant pointmerchantitem
PortalSetter Access PortalSetter datatypes PortalSetter MQ2PortalSetter
Posse Holds a form that shows if the plugin is enabled, as well as a far more interesting data type of the same name. Posse MQ2Posse
queue Holds the "queue" datatype queue MQ2Collections
Raid Access raid information raid MacroQuest
Range Access the range type to tell if n is inside a range of 2 numbers or between 2 numbers Range
React Holds the React data type, which is far more interesting. React MQ2React
Rewards Holds several data types which return detailed information on the reward screen, its options and items. RewardItem RewardOption RewardOptionItem Rewards MQ2Rewards
Rez Holds the data type Rez Rez MQ2Rez
SayWnd Has a form that returns the current title of the say window, and holds a datatype that does the same thing. saywnd MQ2Say
Select Determine if a match was made to argument in the given set of values. int MacroQuest
SelectedItem Information on the item selected in your own inventory while using a merchant. item
set Holds the "set" datatype set MQ2Collections
setiterator Holds the "setiterator" datatype setiterator
Skill Returns information on your character's skills skill MacroQuest
Spawn Returns information on a specific spawn. Uses Spawn search filters. spawn
SpawnCount Information on the count(s) of all spawns or specific spawn(s). Uses the filters under Spawn search. int
SpawnMaster Holds a data type of the same name which is more interesting SpawnMaster MQ2SpawnMaster
SpawnSort Returns the nth spawn that matches your spawn search string, sorting in ascending or descending order by any spawn member. There's a special case to handle MQ2Nav as well, see examples. spawn xtarget groupmember MQ2SpawnSort
Spell Returns iformation on a spell by name or by ID. spell MacroQuest
sqlite Contains the SQLite datatype, which is what you want. SQLite MQ2SQLite
stack Holds the "stack" datatype stack MQ2Collections
Stick Used to return information about the /stick command and settings stick MQ2MoveUtils
String Access the string datatype string MacroQuest
SubDefined Information about macro sub's definition bool
Switch Information on switches (which includes doors) in EverQuest switch
SwitchTarget Object used to return information on your switch target. Replaces DoorTarget
Targ Holds a much more interesting datatype of the same name. Targ MQ2Targets
Target Information about your current target spawn target MacroQuest
Task Object used to return information on a current Task. task taskmember taskobjectivemember
TeleportationItem Returns data on the teleportation item in your keyring. keyring keyringitem
Time Return information about real time, not game time. time
TradeskillDepot For the personal tradeskill depot. TradeskillDepot TLO only provides meaningful results if using a client that supports it. Otherwise it will act like you don't have access to it and it is empty. tradeskilldepot
Trophy Holds the Trophy datatype. Trophy MQ2TSTrophy
TTS The sole TLO for MQTextToSpeech TTS MQTextToSpeech
Twist Holds a datatype which is probably what you're looking for. twist MQ2Twist
Type Returns information on types type MacroQuest
Vendor holds the Vendor datatype, which is much more interesting. Vendor MQ2Vendors
Window Used to find information on a particular UI window. window MacroQuest
WorstHurt Helps find the "worst hurt" member of your party, xtar list or pet. spawn MQ2WorstHurt
XAssist Holds a data type which is what you're probably looking for. XAssist MQ2XAssist
XPTracker Has an index that can return just the XP or AA for members. xptracker MQ2XPTracker
Zone Used to find information about a particular zone. currentzone zone MacroQuest

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