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Sett the guild portal with two clicks
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Authors dewey2461, Kaen01, DigitalPixel, ChatWithThisName, Knightly, Sic
Software type Plugin

Maintained Yes and supported
Acknowledgements DigitalPixel

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A plugin to set the guild portal with two clicks. Once loaded, when you browse the Portal Merchant in the guild hall the MQ2PortalSetter window will automatically open. Click on the name of the zone you want to set the portal and the plugin handles the rest. To save money, it will keep you from buying the portal stone if you already have one in your inventory.



Syntax Description
/portalsetter <zone> Accepts long or shortname for zone, and will port you so long as the portal NPC has it available.

You must have the merchant window open for the Teleport NPC in order to use this command.


Plugin settings panel can be accessed with the command: /mqsettings plugins/PortalSetter

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Top-Level Object(s)

TLOs added by MQ2PortalSetter:

TLO Data Type(s) Description
PortalSetter PortalSetter Access PortalSetter datatypes

Members. More may be available if inherited. Typical usage, /echo ${TLO.Member}

TLO Data Type Return Type Member Description
PortalSetter PortalSetter bool InProgress
int Step