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Returns information on the index specified by Item or SortedItem from DataType:bazaar.

This Data Type is referenced in MQ2Bzsrch, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): Bazaar
bazaaritem is used as a return type by these members:  [ Toggle ]

Page Member Description
bazaar Item[<index>] Will return the name of the item
SortedItem[<index>] Returns the name of the item at the index # from a sorted list, as you'd see it in the GUI.


Type Member Description
action Select Allows you to select a bazaar item. /invoke ${Bazaar.Item[1].Select}
int ItemID Returns the item ID of the specified result. e.g. /echo ${Bazaar.SortedItem[5].ItemID}
Price Returns the price of the item. e.g. /echo ${Bazaar.SortedItem[2].Price}
Quantity Returns the quantity of the specified item, i.e. a stack of 20 potions will return 20, even if there are thousands of the same named potion in search results. e.g. /echo ${Bazaar.Item[1].Quantity}
string FullName Will return full name of the item, including ( and ) characters, such as Burynai Burial Regalia (Caza)
Name Returns the name of the specified result. e.g. /echo ${Bazaar.SortedItem[5].Name}
Trader The name of the trader selling the specified item. e.g. /echo ${Bazaar.Item[20].Trader}

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