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Performs Math.Calc on conditions, gives whentrue if non-zero, gives whenfalse if zero. Warning: The `If` TLO was made for macros, not recommended Lua.

This TLO is added by MacroQuest


Type Member Description
string If[conditions,whentrue,whenfalse]

Access to Types

Type Description
string A string is an array of characters. In MQ there is no single character datatype, so any variable or expression that contains text is considered a string.


/docommand ${If[${Me.Sitting},/stand,/echo I am not sitting down]}

If I am sitting, stand up, Otherwise echo "I am not sitting down".

/docommand ${If[${Me.CurrentHP}<50,/cast "Gate",/goto :Continue]}

If my hp percent is below 50 cast the Gate spell, otherwise goto the :Continue label.

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