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A TLO to find items on your character, corpse or merchant.

This TLO is added by MacroQuest


Type Member Description
item FindItem[#|name] Returns item on your character, a corpse, or a merchant. Accepts partial name matches, use =name for exact name match.

Access to Types

Type Description
item Contains data about items


  • Shows the item slot that holds your cleric epic. If it's in a bag the second line shows which slot in the bag.

/echo ${FindItem[=Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh].ItemSlot}

/echo ${FindItem[=Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh].ItemSlot2}

  • Find a stack of Dragorn Fangs in your inventory, locating the pack number 1-10, and which slot in that pack (1-?) and pick up the stack

/itemnotify in pack${Math.Calc[${FindItem[=Dragorn Fang].ItemSlot}-22].Int} ${Math.Calc[${FindItem[=Dragorn Fang].ItemSlot2}+1].Int} leftmouseup

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