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This plugin allows you to interact with a SQLite database.
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Authors Knightly
Software type Plugin

Maintained Yes and supported

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Allows you to interact with a SQLite database. An SQLite database is just a file that can be accessed using SQL commands. This plugin gives you access to the SQLite API and adds a TLO for viewing the results.

Since the results of the query are stored in memory, this can take up a lot of memory if you use unique query names and do not clear your results from memory. So, don't do that. Be sure to use the /sqlite clear <ResultName> function when you're done accessing the results. Otherwise you can use the same name for your query each time which will clear the results for you before each run.


Syntax Description
/sqlite [clear | query | open | advquery | close] The full power of SQLite at your disposal.

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Top-Level Object(s)

TLOs added by MQ2SQLite:

TLO Data Type(s) Description
sqlite SQLite Contains the SQLite datatype, which is what you want.

Members. More may be available if inherited. Typical usage, /echo ${TLO.Member}

TLO Data Type Return Type Member Description
sqlite SQLite int resultcode[<QueryName>] Result codes are returned from the SQLite Standard Result Codes found here.

Additionally, custom errors are returned as negative numbers. The following return codes may be returned:

  1. The query is still running (Active)
  2. The query you were looking for was not found (perhaps the name is wrong?)
  3. There was a conversion error on string to int conversion for the result code
rows[<QueryName>] The number of rows returned for results
string result[<QueryName> <Row> <ColumnName>] Will show results (or Failed). Must include all three parameters.
status[<QueryName>] Current status of the given query name - Either Active, Success, or Failed