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Get an alert when a rare spawn pops
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Authors Cr4zyb4rd, eqmule, ChatWithThisName, Knightly
Software type Plugin
Config file MQ2SpawnMaster.ini

Maintained Yes and supported
Acknowledgements Digitalxero's SpawnAlert plugin

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Watches for new spawns in zone and can react in various ways.


Syntax Description
/spawnmaster [on | off | list | uplist | downlist | load] | [ add|delete <spawn> ] Adds or removes spawns to watch, tells when the last sighting was, and configures the plugin.


Example MQ2SpawnMaster.ini

OnSpawnCommand="/multiline ; /beep ; /vt gandalf 005 ; /popup SPAWN: ${SpawnMaster.LastMatch}!"
[The Steamfont Mountains]
Spawn0=yendar starpyre
Spawn1=renux herkanor

For just a simple beep,


More examples, including the master ini, can be found in the support thread.

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Top-Level Object(s)

TLOs added by MQ2SpawnMaster:

TLO Data Type(s) Description
SpawnMaster SpawnMaster Holds a data type of the same name which is more interesting

Forms. Typical usage, /echo ${TLO}

Type TLO Description
SpawnMaster SpawnMaster Returns TRUE if spawnmaster is enabled, FALSE if it's disabled

Members. More may be available if inherited. Typical usage, /echo ${TLO.Member}

TLO Data Type Return Type Member Description
SpawnMaster SpawnMaster bool HasTarget Returns if your target matches a spawn in your list
int DownList Returns the number of spawn killed/despawned that matches the search.
Search Returns the number of search strings.
UpList Returns the number of spawns currently up that matches the search.
string LastMatch Returns the name of the last spawn that popped matching the list.
Version Returns the Version of MQ2SpawnMaster