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Provides access to alerts.

This TLO is added by MacroQuest


Type Member Description
alert Alert[#] Returns the spawn name for alert list #
string Alert Returns list of alert IDs

Access to Types

Type Description
alert Information on alerts
alertlist Extensive information about a specific alert


Command Result
Example 1: /alert add 1 Fippy Add and alert entry for Fippy to Alert List 1
/echo ${Alert[1].List[0].Name} Output: [MQ2] Fippy
/echo ${Alert[1].List[0].Spawn.Race} Output: [MQ2] Druid (or whatever Class Fippy is)
Example 2: /alert add 1 id ${Me.ID} Add and alert entry using the Spawn ID.
/echo ${Alert[1].List[0].SpawnID} Output: [MQ2] 12345 (or whatever your spawned is)
/echo ${Alert[1].Size} Output: [MQ2] 1 (or the number of alerts in alert list 1)

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