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Instance flipper for XP!
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Authors hytiek
Software type Plugin
Config file MQ2Grind.ini

Maintained Yes and supported

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  • This automates the group farming of XP within an instance for privacy while you are monitoring
  • This does not automate the completion of a group mission.
  • The 'driver' of the plugin, should be a tank type (PAL, SHD, WAR), you could /grind waiver otherwise
  • You must edit the configuration via /grind ui


  • Redbot: Thank you for this incredible community, I love being a part of it!
  • MQ2 authors: Thank you guys for the coding help and hand slaps when I did something wrong!
  • Testing team: Thank you all for all the deaths you've encountered, all the level gains, and AA's that are now behind you. Thank you for the incredible way that you play the game which allowed us to figure out how to make this plugin better.
  • MaxD for the first view of instance flipping, thank you man!


Syntax Description
/grind <command> [parameter] Commands to perform certain actions. Only two commands require a parameter.


Settings can be configured within the user interface /grind ui or by editing the MQ2Grind.ini file. Be certain you edit the MQ2Grind.ini file and/or use the Grind UI to set it up to how you run your crew!

MQ2Grind.ini explanation

  • [General-Configuration]

Basic settings

- pulseSkip - this allows you to speed up or slow down the responsiveness of the plugin (10 = 1/10th of a second)
- WaitForLoot - if enabled (1,true,yes,on) will delay the plugin from recylcing the mission until all loot is distributed
- DelayTaskGet - if configured, the value is integer and relates to how many seconds the plugin will wait to get a new task once back at the quest giver
- DelayAtStaging - if configured, the value is integer and relates to how many seconds the plugin must wait at the Staging location to allow group members to buff/do stuff before entering battle
- DelayAfterRez - if configured, the value is integer and relates to how many seconds the plugin must wait before continuing
- DelayAtLoc - if configured, the value is integer and relates to how long to wait before navigating to the next location (default = 0)
- DelayGroupNav - if configured, the value is integer and will delay the instruction sent to group members to navigate towards the next mob behind the tank
- navDistance - if configured, the value is integer and relates to how far back from next location or mob your group will /nav dist=<navDistance> (default = 20)
- groupGap - if configured, the value is integer and relates to how far apart your group can be before they are tethered. (default = 50)
- ExitMode - optional values: campfire or taskquit
- WaitForLoop - if enabled, the plugin will wait for the advloot window to be cleared
- customTakeOver - this value is what the plugin will run at the staging location within the instance only when the Grind is started with: /grind custom. This is intended to allow you to run a script or command to do your own thing within the instance.
- lastRunCmd - this value is what the plugin will run at the end of a Grind before getting a new task.

Safe Mode

- Enable SafeMode - if enabled, the plugin will stop navigating to the "lastToVRALoc" defined (as an example)
- last<instance>Loc - if SafeMode is enabled, then this value will tell the plugin where to stop and exit the run. For instance loc 27 instead of running the full 34
  • [Tank - Configuration]
- Start - this is the command to execute at quest giver
- PullDistance - this is a boundary to determine when to use LTDistPullCmd or GTDistPullCmd
- LTDistPullCmd - when distance between you and the npc is less than PullDistance, execute this command
- GTDistPullCmd - when distance between you and the npc is greater than PullDistance, execute this command
  • [Class - Configuration]
- start = at quest giver
- pause = before entry to instance and exit of instance
- resume = at staging location inside instance
- end = you want to shut down the fun

Deprecated configuration

- CampfireKeepAlive - if enabled (1,true,yes,on) the plugin will refresh the campfire before it expires

Game Play

The plugin is meant to be run from a Tank type (PAL, SHD, WAR), sorry, not Pet tanking class unless you run /grind waiver

I've tried to make the User Experience as easy as possible, basically when you enter a zone which has a grind you will receive a notice about what to do.

Defects / Feature Request: Please post any defect, bug, and or feature request in the forum.


  • Plugin is not available for EMU (Live and Test only)
  • EQ and MacroQuest (MQ) say mob is LOS, but isn't, tried to avoid this by locations
  • /multiline issue with /rgstart in MQ2Grind.ini (work around is to replace /rgstart with * /macro rgmercs\RGMERC.mac)
  • EQ BUG where when exiting instance group members end up in separate zones, added brute force re-add to mission routine
  • Timing issue where group member may get red text about instance not available yet (proper fix coming soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does 'real hard' mean in the list of Grinds? (/grind list)
- Simply that your standard group content geared toons may struggle with a single healer. If your tank is raid geared you'll probably be good with a single healer. For 'real hard' I take both a SHM and a CLR with me.
  • What kind of group do I need to use this?
- I would recommend: a tank, healer, crowd control, and DPS.
  • During months of testing, I've used lots of combinations:
- WAR, ENC, CLR, BER, BER, power level toon (naked/did nothing)
- All of the above, I've traded out WAR for SK (auto grant level) as well. When dragging a PLee through, they can die.
  • What does MQ2Grind work with?
- It's been tested for months by using CWTN Class based plugins (MQ2War, MQ2EsKay), KissAssist (11 and 12), and RGMercs, and Entropy
  • I started grind but don't move anywhere once inside? (ex. Goblins and Fools)
- Make sure you have the updated mesh
- For MQ "next" meshs go in your Resources->MQ2Nav folder
  • Does MQ2Grind automatically recover from deaths?
- No, this is up to Class Plugins and or Macros you chose to run your group with
- Wipes happen just as if you were playing without the plugin, it is recommended to monitor your success (and failures)
  • My group member didn't zone out via Fellowship because they are not in the same one
- The plugin, assumes that your group is in the same Fellowship for zone out
  • It doesn't work on EMU server
- Correct as EMU doesn't have ToV expansion
  • Can I change how to pull mobs
- Absolutely! You can get real clever in the INI file, I've included some examples. You can also include ${If[..],..,.} if you wanted. The plugin will perform what ever you put in the configuration. Share what you come up with, I'm sure others will benefit.
  • Can I message you in Discord?
- Yes, by all means. Please understand that I also like playing the game, have a day job, and a family. I'll do my very best to get back to you as soon as possible. (Discord: hytiek#2341 or Red Guides #general_chat channel)

See also

Top-Level Object(s)

TLOs added by MQ2Grind:

TLO Data Type(s) Description
Grind Grind The TLO is only available on the toon which started the Grind (Main Tank commonly)

Forms. Typical usage, /echo ${TLO}

Type TLO Description
Grind Grind Returns "True" if plugin active

Members. More may be available if inherited. Typical usage, /echo ${TLO.Member}

TLO Data Type Return Type Member Description
Grind Grind bool Active Returns TRUE or FALSE based on whether or not a Grind is currently being run
DeadAtBind Returns TRUE or FALSE based on whether or not your driver toon is dead at it's bind spot (zone)
Paused Returns TRUE or FALSE based on whether or not a Grind is paused
int CurrLoc Returns the location number that we are at
Instance Returns instance number
  • 0 = Not in an instance
  • 18 = (UF) Don't Fear The Destroyer
  • 1 = (ToV) The Great Divide: Restless Assault
  • 2 = (ToV) Eastern Wastes: Icebound Avatar
  • 3 = (TBL) Gnome Memorial Mountain: The Darkness Howls
  • 4 = (CoV) Cobalt Scar: The Crusaders
  • 5 = (CoV) Temple of Veeshan: Aaryonar
  • 6 = (CoV) Sleeper's Tomb: The Call
  • 7 = (TBL) Contract of War
  • 8 = (EoK) Goblins and Fools
  • 9 = not yet released
  • 10 = (ToL) Shei Vinatras
  • 11 = (ToL) Oubliette of Light
  • 12 = (ToL) Close the Gap (not released)
  • 13 = (NoS) Mean Streets
  • 14 = (NoS) When One Door Closes (not released yet)
  • 15 = (NoS) The Spirit Fades
  • 16 - (LS) Final Fugue
  • 17 - (LS) Heroes Are Forged
KPH Returns the kills per hour of the current session
RunCount Returns how many times the current Grind has been run
State Returns State reference number
  • 0 = IDLE
  • 1 = START
  • 2 = PAUSE
  • 4 = END
  • 5 = INCOMBAT
  • 7 = DEADBIND
  • 8 = WAITING
  • 9 = COOLDOWN
TotalKills Returns how many kills during the current session