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Members of this datatype relate to the '/stick' command and can be accessed via the ${Stick} TLO.

This Data Type is referenced in MQ2MoveUtils, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): Stick


Type Member Description
bool Active Displays true if any form of stick is active.
Always Returns true if /stick always is active.
Behind Displays true if currently behind target (regardless of /stick behind), false if outside of stick dist or not behind.
Broken Returns true if BreakonHit event has halted stick prematurely.
Loose Displays true if loose sticking is enabled.
MoveBack Displays true if moveback is active.
MoveBehind Displays true if stick behind is active.
Paused Displays true if plugin is paused.
Pin Displays true if stick pin is active.
Stopped Displays true if stick is within stick distance.
float Distance Current distance used by stick.
DistMod Current stickdist modifier.
DistModPercent Current stickdist percent modifier.
int StickTarget Returns spawnid of stick target if stick id/hold used, else spawnid of current target, 0 if no target and id/hold not used.
string Status Displays on if any form of stick is active.
StickTargetName Returns DisplayedName of stick target if stick id/hold used, else current target or None if no target and hold/id not used.
To string Same as Status

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