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Authors ChatWithThisName, Sic
Software type Plugin
Config file mq2enchanter_charactername.ini

Maintained Yes and supported

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Syntax Description
/enc [option] [setting] Your class ShortName is your / command prefix.


Settings are on the Commands Page:


Video information and overview:


Q. The UI Window Doesn't save my settings?

  • A. This is intentional. The UI acts as a "hot swap" allowing you to adjust on the fly. If you want to "save" your settings, adjust it with the slash command.
  • Explained here > UI Video @ 9:10 <

Q. My UI window isn't saving the location

  • A. > CWTN UI Video < follow these steps:
  • 1. move it to where you want it
  • 2. close the window
  • 3. /enc show to reshow it - eq will now have the window saved

Q. How do I load the enc window?

  • A. /enc show

Q. Does this work for all levels?

  • A. Yes.

Q. Why does my enchanter not mez?

  • (You need to NOT be in manual mode to mez)
  • A. MQ2Enchanter will mez xtarget mobs - check your xtarget isn't full with other players etc.

Q. Why does my enchanter not mez (XTarget appears fine)?

  • A. If you are using AutoMezImmune, check your Immune tab for "Mez Immune" list - under some circumstances mobs can get added to mez immune which aren't totally mez immune.

Q. Why does my enchanter not buff the group?

  • A. You will need to run /plugin mq2cwtnbuffs load on all of your characters that you would like MQ2Enchanter to buff. You also need to NOT be in /enc byos on mode. As "Bring Your Own Spells" assumes you want to handle your spells and your buffs. MQ2CWTNBuffs requires characters to be local characters (same PC, not across network or space/time).

Q. Chain Casting NDT?

  • A. Double-Check that you don't need to add the illusion to your blocked buffs/pet blocked buffs. Sic explains this in the MQ2Enchanter Pre-Release video > HERE <

Q. Enchanter is chain casting something?

  • A. There are a few lower lvl / mid-level buffs that eq/mq2 reports stack that do not, or will chain overwrite other buffs and you get into a buffing contest with another toon. You either have this situation or some other issues. I would suggest checking for the red error text that eq gives you to tell you WHY it didn't successfully take hold and then go from there. You can block anything you don't want cast.
  • EQ Menu -> Character -> Blocked Buffs
  • EQ Menu -> Character -> Blocked Pet Buffs (to add to anyone's pet blocked spells)

Q. I don't want the plugin to cast xyz buff on a toon.

  • A. Any buff you don't want cast upon someone, you would just have that character add it to their blocked buffs.
  • EQ Menu -> Character -> Blocked Buffs
  • EQ Menu -> Character -> Blocked Pet Buffs (to add to anyone's pet blocked spells)

Q. Why does it cast Chaotic on the mob we're fighting?

  • A. We use Chaotic for purposes of the twincast it gives.
  • If you don't want it to use Chaotic you can /enc UseChaotic off

Q. I don't like the spell lineup.

  • A. You can "Bring your own spells" with /enc byos on. Like the other CWTN plugins *most* of the spells still have to be spells that the plugin says you have and can use, you can just adjust your spell lineup with byos.

Q. My enchanter is meleeing in assist mode - I only want to do enchanter stuff.

  • A. /enc UseMelee off

Q. SwitchWithMA option?

  • A. There is no option to turn SwitchWithMA off in the MQ2Enchanter because we're changing targets to do things like mez, we're going to re-acquire the MA's target when we go to do stuff.

Q. My enchanter is chain casting Breathing Dot?

  • A. The BreathingDot line is used as a nuke (still respects UseDot). At higher levels, the front-loaded damage is very strong.

Q. Rapture and Ancient: Rapture missing from SingleMez?

  • A. We don't use Rapture or Ancient: Rapture due to the very long recast. Nearly all SingleMez have a 1s reuse timer, where rapture/ancient rapture have a 24s reuse.

Q. Flash?

  • A. We don't use the flash line.

Q. Why no Beam of Slumber?

  • A. Beam of Slumber is a 200 x 200 frontal absolute madhouse-sized mez. This is something we do not want to use in the plugin. EQ can be bad enough with pulling things through walls/floors etc - using something that is 200x200 sounds like trouble.

Q. My plugin says it's out of date since I patched.

  • A. For Live: Check the plugins tab of your VV launcher. For Emu/Test: it is automatically downloaded when you update.

Q. Can MQ2Enchanter Broadcast Mezzing?

  • A. /enc broadcastmez on - This will automagically detect dannet/eqbc and broadcast mez usage.

Q. How can I get it to break invis to do stuff?

  • A. MQ2Enchanter will break invis if a camp is set - so mode 1 would break invis to do stuff, where mode 0 would not.

Q. Do I need to assign what Xtargets to watch for XTargetBuffing?

  • A. Nope - Just toggle on UseXTargetBuffing and it will check all your Extended Targets to see if they are PCs and then buff them (they still need to be running mq2cwtnbuffs and be local to your computer).

Q. Epic 1.5/2.0?

  • A. We don't use the 1.5/2.0.

Q. Why am I Not Pulling XYZ mob?

  • A. Not pulling a mob is almost always an issue either with your Navmesh or your pull settings. If you do a /enc debugpull on once and it will cycle 1 time and spit out in your mq2 window all the mobs and why you are not pulling them. Compare the output with the mobs you think you should be pulling and it will tell you why. This will notify you if you have no nav path, or out of zradius, or regular radius, or on ignore, etc.

Q. Trying to go mode 1 but says I need a mesh?

  • A. The plugins require mq2nav for movement. You will need to run the mesh updater in your RedGuide's Launcher. Please watch the video > HERE <

Q. I sometimes get stuck in my spellbook?

  • A. This is often due to your background fps not being high enough. It is strongly advised to utilize at LEAST 30 fps for background, recommended 60+ background fps. The fps cycle for eq is where "work" is done. If your background fps is set to "min" you can and will have undesired results with all sorts of automation activities.
  • Alt-O -> Display -> Advanced - > Max Background FPS
  • You will also need to check if you are using any external background fps limiting software - like isboxer - and adjust that accordingl

Top-Level Object(s)

TLOs added by MQ2Enchanter:

TLO Data Type(s) Description
CWTN CWTN Holds the CWTN datatype which is much more interesting