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Holds information on when a query was last received

This Data Type is referenced in MQ2DanNet, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): DanNet
DanObservation is used as a return type by these members:  [ Toggle ]

Page Member Description
DanNet Observe[<query>] observe accessor, accessed like: ${DanNet[peer_name].Observe[query]}
  • short version: O
  • if only the query is specified, list all peers that have registered that query as an observer on self
  • if fully specified, attempt to retrieve the data specified on the remote peer
Query query accessor, for last executed query short version: Q
Query[<query>] If both peer and query indexes are provided, will return the specific query result. e.g. ${DanNet[mytank].Q[Me.PctHPs]} If either index is missing, it will return the result of the last query. short version: Q


Type Member Description
int64 Received Timestamp of last received query or observation, e.g. ${DanNet.Query.Received} You can get a more specific result by providing the query and peer, e.g. ${DanNet[tankname].Query[Me.PctHPs].Received} or ${DanNet[clericname].Observe[Target.ID].Received}

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