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For accessing achievements, achievement categories, and objectives. There's a more detailed writeup of this TLO at

This TLO is added by MacroQuest


Type Member Description
achievement Achievement[#|Name] Look up an achievement by id or by name.
achievementmgr Achievement Access the achievement manager which provides access to information about achievements

Access to Types

Type Description
achievement Provides the details about a single achievement and allows access to an achievement's objective. There's a more detailed manual of this datatype with examples at
achievementcat Provides access to achievement categories. Achievements are organized hierarchically in the achievements window by categories. While not required to access achievements, categories may be useful for enumerating lists of achievements.
achievementmgr Provides access achievements, achievement categories, and other information surrounding the achievement system
achievementobj Represents a single objective of an achievement


mq.TLO.Achievement('Stone Cold Summer Tasks').ID()
/echo ${Achievement[Tutorials - Out of Gloomingdeep].ID}

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