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Provides access achievements, achievement categories, and other information surrounding the achievement system

This Data Type is referenced in MacroQuest, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): Achievement


Type Member Description
achievement AchievementByIndex[#] Find an achievement by its index.
Achievement[#|Name] Find an achievement by its ID or by its name.
achievementcat CategoryByIndex[#] Find an achievement category by its index.
Category[#|Name] Find an achievement category by its id or by its name.
  • If searching by name, only top-level categories are returned from the achievement manager.
bool Ready Indicates that the manager has loaded all achievement data and is ready to be used.
int AchievementCount The number of achievements in the manager.
CategoryCount The number of achievement categories in the manager.
CompletedAchievements The number of completed achievements.
Points The total number of accumulated achievement points.
TotalAchievements The number of available achievements.

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