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A unified way to control boxes running a variety of software including CWTN, KissAssist, MuleAssist, RGMercs, and Entropy
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Authors Sidien, dannuic
Software type Plugin

Maintained Yes and supported

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This plugin provides a command to control boxes running CWTN plugins, KissAssist, MuleAssist, RGMercs, Entropy, XGen, and AlsoKissAssist. The idea is to have one common command, which can be broadcast to all boxed characters, regardless of what they are running.


Syntax Description
/boxr [option] | [option <setting>] Sends commands that control a variety of different software.


The following tables document how each boxr command maps to the different plugins/macros.

Boxr has a key for each automation, which is listed after the name in the following sections. This key is currently only used to identify the current automation in the TLO (see below).

KissAssist (kissassist)
Boxr command Action
Camp /camphere on
Chase /chaseon
Manual /chaseoff
/camphere off
BurnNow /burn
RaidAssistNum <N> /switchma <Name of Raid MA #N>
CWTN Plugins (cwtn)
Boxr command Action
Camp /war mode assist
Chase /war mode chase
Manual /war mode manual
BurnNow /war BurnNow
RaidAssistNum <N> /war RaidAssistNum
RGMercs (rgmercs)
Boxr command Action
Camp /rg camphard
Chase /rg chaseon
Manual /rg chaseoff
/rg campoff
BurnNow not supported
RaidAssistNum <N> /rg AssistOutside 1
/rg OutsideAssistList <Name of Raid MA #N>
MuleAssist (muleassist)
Boxr command Action
Camp /camphere on
Chase /chaseon
Manual /chaseoff
/camphere off
BurnNow /burn
RaidAssistNum <N> /changema <Name of Raid MA #N>
Entropy (entropy)
Boxr command Action
Camp /tie off
/home set on
Chase /tie off
Manual /env auto off
BurnNow /burn force on
Will burn until force burn is toggled off again.
RaidAssistNum <N> /cc ass smart <N>
XGen (xgen)
Boxr command Action
Camp /cc camp on
/cc follow off
Chase /cc follow
/cc camp off
Manual /cc manual
BurnNow /cc burnonce
RaidAssistNum <N> /cc setassist <N>
AlsoKissAssist (alsokissassist)
Boxr command Action
Camp /camphere on
Chase /chaseon
Manual /chaseoff
/camphere off
BurnNow /burn on doburn
RaidAssistNum <N> /switchma <Name of Raid MA #N>

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Top-Level Object(s)

TLOs added by MQ2Boxr:

TLO Data Type(s) Description
Boxr Boxr Provides details about the automation that MQ2Boxr considers to currently be in control

Members. More may be available if inherited. Typical usage, /echo ${TLO.Member}

TLO Data Type Return Type Member Description
Boxr Boxr bool Paused Indicates whether the automation is currently paused
string Current Key of the automation that is controlling the toon