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Holds members that return information on peers as well as settings

This Data Type is referenced in MQ2DanNet, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): DanNet


Type Member Description
bool CommandEcho command echo (incoming commands)
Debug debugging flag
EvasiveRefresh if evasiverefresh is on
FrontDelim use a front delimiter in arrays
FullNames print fully qualified names
LocalEcho local echo flag (outgoing echo)
ObserveSet short version: OSet determine if query has been set as observed data on peer, or as an observer on self if no peer specified
DanObservation Observe[<query>] observe accessor, accessed like: ${DanNet[peer_name].Observe[query]}
  • short version: O
  • if only the query is specified, list all peers that have registered that query as an observer on self
  • if fully specified, attempt to retrieve the data specified on the remote peer
Query query accessor, for last executed query short version: Q
Query[<query>] If both peer and query indexes are provided, will return the specific query result. e.g. ${DanNet[mytank].Q[Me.PctHPs]} If either index is missing, it will return the result of the last query. short version: Q
int Evasive time to classify a peer as evasive (in ms)
Expired keepalive time for non-responding peers (in ms)
GroupCount number of all groups
JoinedCount number of joined groups
Keepalive keepalive time for local actor pipe (in ms)
ObserveCount short version: OCount count observed data on peer, or count observers on self if no peer is specified
ObserveDelay delay between observe broadcasts (in ms)
PeerCount number of connected peers
int64 ObserveReceived[<query>] Returns timestamp of last received observation. short version: OReceived
QueryReceived[<query>] Returns the timestamp of last received query. short version: QReceived
string Groups list of all groups (this includes hidden groups used internally! use Joined if you want only groups that are visible)
Joined list of joined groups
Name current node name (fully qualified)
Observe observe accessor, accessed like: ${DanNet[peer_name].Observe}
  • short version: O
  • if no indices are specified, lists all queries observers have registered
  • if only the peer is specified, list all queries that self has registered on peer
Peers List of connected peers
Peers[<${GroupName}>] List of connected peers in the ${GroupName} group
Timeout timeout for implicit delay in /dquery and /dobserve commands
Version current build version

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