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Contains details about your group

This Data Type is referenced in MacroQuest, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): Group


Type Member Description
bool AnyoneMissing TRUE if someone is missing in group, offline, in other zone or simply just dead
groupmember Leader Data on the leader of the group
MainAssist Data on the main assist of the group
MainTank Data on the main tank of the group
MarkNpc Data on the group member who can mark NPCs, if one is assigned
MasterLooter Data on the Master Looter of the group, if one is assigned
Member[#|name] Access the #th member of your group; 0 is you, 1 is the first person in the group list, etc.
MouseOver Returns the name of the group member your mouse is hovering over
Puller Data on the puller of the group
int AvgHPs
CasterMercCount count of how many Caster DPS mercenaries are in your group
GroupSize Number of members in your group, including yourself
HealerMercCount count of how many Healer mercenaries are in your group
Injured[##] Will return the number of people in the group that have an HP percent lower than ##
LowMana[##] Will return the number of people in the group that have a mana percent lower than ##
MeleeMercCount count of how many Melee DPS mercenaries are in your group
Members Total number of group members, excluding yourself
MercenaryCount Count of how many Mercenaries are in the group
Present The number of group members present
TankMercCount count of how many Tank mercenaries are in your group
spawn Cleric Will now return the cleric as a spawntype if a cleric is in the group (not a mercenary but a REAL cleric)


Usage1: /echo Im hovering my mouse over ${Group.MouseOver.Name} which has ths spawnid: ${Group.MouseOver.ID}

Usage2: /bct ${Group.MouseOver.Name} hi there I dont want to change my target just to tell u: please heal ${Me.Mame}
Usage3: /bct eqmule //casting "Complete Heal" -targetid|${Group.MouseOver.ID}
Usage4: /bct ${Group.MouseOver.CleanName} //setprio 2

Final Note: YOU CAN hover over your own name in the player window where u see your hp and it will return you.

In macro usage:

/if (${Group.Member[Julio].Index}) /smack Julio

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