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Information about the spawns that have occurred since you entered the zone. When you enter a zone you dont know the spawn order of anything already there, just anything that spawns while you are in the zone.

This TLO is added by MacroQuest


Type Member Description
spawn LastSpawn Returns last spawn
LastSpawn[#] The #th latest spawn (chronological order)
LastSpawn[-#] The #th oldest spawn (chronological order)

Access to Types

Type Description
spawn A type for spawns


   /echo ${LastSpawn[10].ID}

Echos the spawnID of the 10th mob to spawn in the zone

   /echo ${LastSpawn[-10]}

Echos the name of the 10th to last spawn in the zone

The useful thing about ${LastSpawn[-1]} is just being able to get the first spawn in the list which you might use in conjunction with other spawn members to go through the entire spawn list in a loop.

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