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Data types related to the current EverQuest session. Can also be accessed via the TLO:MacroQuest

This Data Type is referenced in MacroQuest, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): EverQuest


Type Member Description
bool ChatChannel[name] Returns TRUE if name is joined
Foreground Returns TRUE if EverQuest is in Foreground
IsDefaultUILoaded returns a bool true or false if the "Default" UI skin is the one loaded
LayoutCopyInProgress Returns TRUE if a layoutcopy is in progress and FALSE if not.
LClickedObject Returns TRUE if an object has been left clicked
ValidLoc[X Y Z] returns true if the X Y Z location in the world is a valid player location.
charselectlist CharSelectList[#] Access the CharSelectList members. # is the index of the specific character.
float UiScale Returns current /ui scale
int ChatChannels Returns the number of channels currently joined
MouseX Mouse's X location
MouseY Mouse's Y location
PID The client's Process ID
Ping Your current ping
Running Running time of current session, in milliseconds
ScreenMode Returns the screenmode as an integer, 2 is Normal and 3 is No Windows
ViewportX EverQuest viewport upper left (X) position
ViewportXCenter EverQuest viewport center (X) position
ViewportXMax EverQuest viewport lower right (X) position
ViewportY EverQuest viewport upper left (Y) position
ViewportYCenter EverQuest viewport center (Y) position
ViewportYMax EverQuest viewport lower right (Y) position
int64 HWND Window handle.
string ChatChannel[#] Returns the name of chat channel #
CurrentUI return a string representing the currently loaded UI skin
GameState Returns one of the following: CHARSELECT INGAME PRECHARSELECT UNKNOWN
LastCommand Last command entered
LastTell Name of last person to send you a tell
LoginName Your station name
Path returns EverQuest's install path on the local drive
PPriority Returns the processor priority that Everquest is set to. Where 1 is Low 2 is below Normal 3 is Normal 4 is Above Normal 5 is High and 6 is RealTime
Server Short name of your server. Find a list here, Server short names
WinTitle Titlebar text of the Everquest window.
window LastMouseOver Returns information on the last window you moused over. Handy to add .Name


  • Return the current server

/echo ${EverQuest.Server}

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