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A plugin for outside group assisting
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Authors eqmule, drwhomphd, brainiac, dannuic, Knightly
Software type Plugin

Maintained Yes and supported

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This plugin adds a couple of options to EverQuest's /xtarget command. The most important being the ability to add mobs by their ID instead of just their name.


Syntax Description
/xtarget show | set <slot> <role/name> | target <slot> | auto [on|off] | add | remove | save <name> | load <name> | id <#> [<slot>] | assist <#> Add spawns to the Extended Target window by name, role, automatically, or from a saved list. MQ2XAssist adds two extra options: add spawns by ID, or when another player fights them. Common abbreviation: /xtar

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Top-Level Object(s)

TLOs added by MQ2XAssist:

TLO Data Type(s) Description
XAssist XAssist Holds a data type which is what you're probably looking for.

Members. More may be available if inherited. Typical usage, /echo ${TLO.Member}

TLO Data Type Return Type Member Description
XAssist XAssist int XTFullHaterCount Returns all auto haters including the one that is being targeted
XTXAggroCount[#] allows the aggro range to be expanded to 1000 for situations where someone wants to check the >=100 aggro values. # is the aggro value provided.