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Contains all information related to floating point numbers

  • A floating-point number is one which has a decimal component (e.g. 3.14)
  • Members of this DataType generally manipulate the number's precision (i.e. how many decimal places)
  • They all round correctly with the exception of int

This Data Type is referenced in MacroQuest, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): Float
float is used as a return type by these members:  [ Toggle ]

Page Member Description
AdvPath Length Estimated length off the follow path
alertlist Radius
buff Mod The modifier to a bard song
character PctAAExp Returns your current AA exp %
PctAAVitality Percentage of AA Vitality your toon has
PctExp Returns your EXP percent
PctVitality Returns your vitality %
circle CircleX Location of circle center X.
CircleY Location of circle center Y.
Radius Radius size of circle.
currentzone MaxClip Maximum clip plane allowed in zone
MinClip Minimum clip plane allowed in zone
CWTN Version Version information
DPSAdv MyDPS My "Damage Per Second"
PetDPS My pet's "Damage Per Second"
TotalDPS Combined "Damage Per Second" from mine and my pet's damage.
everquest UiScale Returns current /ui scale
Evolving ExpPct Percentage of experience that the item has gained
fellowship CampfireX Campfire X location
CampfireY Campfire Y location
CampfireZ Campfire Z location
framelimiter BackgroundFPS
CPU Current CPU usage percent
ground Distance Distance from player to ground item
X Alias W. X coordinate
Y Alias N. Y coordinate
Z Alias U. Z coordinate
heading Degrees Heading in degrees (same as casting to float)
DegreesCCW Heading in degrees counter-clockwise (the way the rest of MQ and EQ uses it)
int Float The number as a float (123 is represented as 123.0)
item InstrumentMod Instrument Modifier Value
makecamp AltAnchorX Location of current altcamp X anchor.
AltAnchorY Location of current altcamp Y anchor.
AltCampDist Distance to altcamp anchor from your current location. Returns 0.00 if altcamp not established.
AltRadius Size of altcamp radius.
AnchorX Location of current camp X anchor.
AnchorY Location of current camp Y anchor.
Bearing Bearing (heading) of camp scattering.
CampDist Distance to camp anchor from your current location. Returns 0.00 if camp is disabled.
CampRadius Size of camp radius.
LeashLength Size of Leash Length. (Greater than or equal to CampRadius)
ScatDist Distance from anchor to perform scatter.
ScatSize Size of scattering radius.
math Abs[n] The absolute value of the result of n
Acos[n] Arccosine of n (in degrees)
Asin[n] Arcsine of n (in degrees)
Atan[n] Arctangent of n (in degrees)
Calc[n] Performs a mathematical calculation n
Cos[n] Cosine of n (in degrees)
Distance[y,x,z:y,x,z] Calculates the distance between two points on the map. 1, 2, or 3 dimensions may be provided. Defaults to your character's current location
Sin[n] Sine of n (in degrees)
Sqrt[n] Square root of n
Tan[n] Tangent of n (in degrees)
Melee BackAngle Angle representing heading difference with current target's back.
ViewAngle Angle of view with current target.
merchant Markup The number used to calculate the buy and sell value for an item (this is what is changed by charisma and faction). This value is capped at 1.05
  • Markup*Item Value = Amount you buy item for
  • Item Value*(1/Markup) = Amount you sell item for
moveto ArrivalDist Acceptable arrival distance.
ArrivalDistX Acceptable arrival distance for precisex.
ArrivalDistY Acceptable arrival distance for precisey.
MoveUtils DistStuck Displays the amount of distance needed to have moved (compared against pulse average) or else considered stuck by stucklogic.
Version Displays the version number of the plugin.
NetBots PctAAExp Percent AA exp of [Name]
PctExp Percent EXP of [Name]
PctGroupLeaderExp Returns group leader EXP on servers that have this feature (emu only)
plugin Version Version number of the plugin
raid AverageLevel Average level of raid members (more accurate than in the window)
Rez Version Returns plugin version
spawn CeilingHeightAtCurrLocation
D Negative Z Axis.
Distance Distance from player in (x,y)
Distance3D Distance from player in (x,y,z) in 3D
DistancePredict Estimated distance in (x,y), taking into account the spawn's movement speed but not the player's
DistanceX Alias: DistanceW. Distance from player in X plane (East/West)
DistanceY Alias: DistanceN. Distance from player in Y plane (North/South)
DistanceZ Alias: DistanceU. Distance from player in Z plane (Up/Down)
E Negative X axis
Look Looking this angle
MaxRange The max distance from this spawn for it to hit you
MaxRangeTo The Max distance from this spawn for you to hit it
S Negative Y Axis.
X Alias: W. Returns X axis.
Y Alias: N. Y Axis.
Z Alias: U. Z Axis.
spell AERange AE range (group spells use this for their range)
MyRange Adjusted spell range, including focus effects, etc.
PushBack Push back amount
Range Maximum range to target (use AERange for AE and group spells)
stick Distance Current distance used by stick.
DistMod Current stickdist modifier.
DistModPercent Current stickdist percent modifier.
switch DefaultX X coordinate of "closed" switch
DefaultY Y coordinate of "closed" switch
DefaultZ Z coordinate of "closed" switch
Distance Distance from player to switch in (x,y)
target MaxMeleeTo
timestamp Float timestamp represented in remaining seconds (1hr 23 min 53 seconds will return 5033.00)
Trophy Version
  • Returns the numerical value of this setting.
Vendor Returns the version number of the plugin
window Value for gauges
worldlocation Heading At the point of binding, what direction was the character facing
X The X coordinate
Y The Y coordinate
Z The Z coordinate
xptracker Average Returns average EXP
AveragePct Returns average EXP percent
KillsPerHour Returns kill rate
PctExpPerHour Percent EXP per hour
RunTimeHours Run time in hours
TimeToDing Time until next level or AA point
Total Returns total EXP gained


Type Member Description
int Int Integer portion of the number truncated rather than rounded, e.g. 12.779 returns 12
string Centi The number as a string with two places of precision, i.e. ###.##
Deci The number as a string with one place of precision, i.e. ###.#
Milli The number as a string with three places of precision, i.e. ###.###
Precision[#] The number as a string with # places of precision
To String Same as Centi

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