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Authors ChatWithThisName, Sic
Software type Plugin
Config file mq2rogue_charname.ini

Maintained Yes and supported

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Syntax Description
/rog [option] [setting] Your class ShortName is your / command prefix.


Settings are on the Commands Page:


Video information and overview:


Q. The UI Window Doesn't save my settings?

  • A. This is intentional. The UI acts as a "hot swap" allowing you to adjust on the fly. If you want to "save" your settings, adjust it with the slash command.
  • Explained here > UI Video @ 9:10 <

Q. My UI window isn't saving the location

  • A. > CWTN UI Video < follow these steps:
  • 1. move it to where you want it
  • 2. close the window
  • 3. /rog show to reshow it - eq will now have the window saved

Q. How do I load the rog window?

  • A. /rog show

Q. Does this work for all levels?

  • A. Yes.

Q. Why doesn't the rogue autoCorpseGrab, it is turned on?

  • A. if you don't have a camp, AutoCorpseGrab is off, you have xtargets, the distance is less than your camp radius, they are closer than 80 feet, or there isn't a path that exists it fails. You can see the explanation in the MQ2Rogue vid > HERE <

Q. I am TLP/LowLvl and I don't want Executioner line (Duelist Discipline etc) used outside of burn.

  • A. You can turn this off so it is only treated as a burn with a /rog exeisburn on

Q. Why is it using Barrage/Fellstrike over Blitzstrike?

  • A. We have logic in mq2rogue to handle what rank of your synergy AA line you have. If you don't have high enough Synergy it is going to use the lower ability to get that sweet sweet synergy proc.

Q. I didn't watch the mq2rogue video, none of the getting started information, and I don't know how to add poison to automatically be used?

  • A. I demonstrate this on the mq2rogue video at > THIS < mark. You add them as a downtime clicky.

Q. I still don't know where to add poison or pants for addclicky.

  • A. :
  1. hold your poison, /rog addclicky downtime
  2. then
  3. hold your pants, /rog addclicky summon #, where # is how many you want to summon.

Q. I added my leggings to clicky using /rog addclicky summon #, but now I can't pick up my poison to add it to downtime using /rog addclicky downtime

  • A. Because the leggings are a summon the plugin will auto inventory the poison, so you want to add the poison first, then add the leggings. If you've already added the leggings, you can pause the plugin /rog pause on, then do the poison, and then unpause the plugin /rog pause off.

Q. Its not using my poison.

  • A. We don't use downtime items with charges if you're in a safe zone. Other than that, if you have the item, and you don't currently have the buff from it, and the buff reports that it stacks, you will use it.

Q. ForceAlliance?

  • A. Alliance is set to check for 3 or more rogues, but if you have your other melee group members using poisons like: Spider's Bite line, then they can trigger the solo rogue's alliance, so you can turn on usealliance and forcealliance.

Q. Epic 1.5/2.0?

  • A. We automatically use your 1.5/2.0.

Q. Why am I Not Pulling XYZ mob?

  • A. Not pulling a mob is almost always an issue either with your Navmesh or your pull settings. If you do a /rog debugpull on once and it will cycle 1 time and spit out in your mq2 window all the mobs and why you are not pulling them. Compare the output with the mobs you think you should be pulling and it will tell you why. This will notify you if you have no nav path, or out of zradius, or regular radius, or on ignore, etc.

Q. Trying to go mode 1 but says I need a mesh?

  • A. The plugins require mq2nav for movement. You will need to run the mesh updater in your RedGuide's Launcher. Please watch the video > HERE <