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Members of this datatype relate to plugin settings and generic information and can be accessed via the ${MoveUtils} TLO.

This Data Type is referenced in MQ2MoveUtils, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): MoveUtils


Type Member Description
bool Aggro Displays true if you are facing your target and your target is facing you.
FullVerbosity Displays true if fullverbosity is enabled.
GM Displays true if BreakonGM fired.
MovePause Displays true if mpause (PauseKB) is enabled.
Stuck Displays true if plugin stucklogic has determined you are currently stuck.
StuckLogic Displays true if stucklogic is enabled.
Summoned Displays true if BreakonSummon is enabled and has fired due to your character being summoned beyond breakonsummon distance.
TotalSilence Displays true if totalsilence is enabled.
TryToJump Displays true if stucklogic trytojump is enabled.
Verbosity Displays true if verbosity is enabled.
float DistStuck Displays the amount of distance needed to have moved (compared against pulse average) or else considered stuck by stucklogic.
Version Displays the version number of the plugin.
int PauseMaxDelay Displays the max delay for mousepause and mpause to resume command in ms.
PauseMinDelay Displays the min delay for mousepause and mpause to resume command in ms.
PulseCheck Displays the number of pulses used to average movement rate for stucklogic.
PulseUnstuck Displays the number of pulses successfully moved forward after being stuck to be considered unstuck.
string Command Displays the currently active command. MAKECAMP returns if a camp is setup but no other command is currently in use.
To string Same as Command

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