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Contains data on the current raid.

This Data Type is referenced in MacroQuest, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): Raid


Type Member Description
bool Invited Have I been invited to the raid?
Locked Returns TRUE if the raid is locked
float AverageLevel Average level of raid members (more accurate than in the window)
int Looters Number of specified looters
LootType Loot type number:
  1. Leader
  2. Leader & GroupLeader
  3. Leader & Specified
Members Total number of raid members
TotalLevels Sum of all raid members' levels
raidmember Leader Raid leader
MainAssist Raid main assist
MasterLooter Raid Master Looter
Member[#|name] Raid member by number or name
Target Raid target (clicked in raid window)
string Looter[#] Specified looter name by number

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