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General editing advice

  • Be concise. Read The Elements of Style, it's short.
  • Nothing is set in stone, and we love help. If you're hesitant about making a big change, post your plan in the forums.
  • Editors may want a more robust skin, like Vector-2022 or Timeless. Pick one out here.
  • See the guide on adding a manual.

Wiki, resource, or thread?

  • Wiki - Technical documentation. Commands, syntax, examples, lists. For example, MQ2Nav is an exemplary manual, and Zone short names and Spawn search are exemplary guides for the wiki.
  • Resource - Definitive information that's less technical and has a more personal voice, such as quick-start guides, walkthroughs, FAQ's, etc. See MQ2AutoLogin's quickstart guide on its resource overview.
  • Thread - Subjective information that has a strong personal voice, such as "the best way to set up MQ2Melee". Araaak's guide here is a good example.

Not all pages follow these rules, as there are exceptions. But in general if you see a quick-start guide on the wiki, please consider moving it to the appropriate resource page. And if you see technical documentation on the forums or resources, bring them here.

In Progress

-- Added two new RGMercs pages, referred to from main RGMercs Guide and RGMercs Guide to Pulling, notified morisato of changes so he can review (change/delete.) -- Updated references to the other 3 no-existant links; changed an 'a' to 'A', removed link from within image(s) name & deleted redundant For more info links.

  • Check recent changes to see if someone is currently working, otherwise:
  • Redbot: Re-doing MQ2Map, fleshing out the main page and sidebar. When that's done it's time to launch the wiki, finally, after nearly 2 years! Resource pages/first posts will need to be cleaned (guides/featurelist/setup,etc kept, duplicate instructions removed) & updated with wiki links.

Operation: PLUGINS!

Operation: MACROS!

  • This project is in its infancy, but because it's less techincal than plugins we can bring in the community.

Operation: Lua

  • We need manuals for popular Lua scripts that have multiple commands
  • We need to go over the Form:Manual and determine what unique fields, if any, are needed for LUA scripts.

Operation: MacroQuest

  • Using the MacroQuest codebase (next) we need to fill in the red links and flesh out the setting information here: MacroQuest
  • Document the options in the Macroquest Console and how to use them. Window Inspector especially.
  • Go over MQ Commits since December and add new TLO / Datatypes / Commands

Guide category

  • Create a category for "Guides" and add relevant pages (guides from macro/plugin categories are a good start)
  • Server shortname list, including common emu's
  • Add zone id's to Zone short names
  • Consider transferring some "wikiposts" on forms to wiki
  • Everquest commands list (Sinickal)

Maintenance and Mediawiki backend

  • See how we can use semantic tools to make finding and displaying developer resources easier. done! structured data is great! We can now query the data in our manuals.
  • Clean up old data. A lot of information was added from the old MQ2 Wiki. This needs to be deleted and remade using our Forms, and updated for MacroQuest (aka mqnext). done!
  • Category Tree pages added to the sidebar, as well as the Category root page replaced to be relevant to users (they don't need to see internal and template categories, for example) done!
  • Fix the bug with lowercase usernames. done! This was not easy!
  • Need to be careful to document datatypes and top level objects accurately (see dannuic's reply to my post in creator's forum) done!
  • Forms for Commands, Data Type, Manuals, Top-Level Objects. This allows users to create pages for their own software while maintaining a consistent style throughout the wiki. done!
  • add "groups"/"categories" to command options for better readability done! h/t Sic
  • Add a pre-run query for "Very Vanilla Defaults" on the Command Index, giving users a one-page list of all RG default commands. (requires finishing Operation PLUGINS!)
  • Larger responsive images before going to thumbnail
  • Make sure Lua form works
  • Find out what else we need to document for Lua