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Allow linked clients to share information between one another programatically
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Authors s0rCieR, Deadchicken, Kroak, mijuki, woobs, eqmule, SwiftyMuse
Software type Plugin
Config file <server>_<character>.ini

Maintained Yes without support

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Provides linked MQ2EQBC clients a way to share information, and also makes that information available in a TLO for other developers.


Syntax Description
/netbots [on|off] [grab=on|off] [send=on|off] Turns netbots on or off, or the send/receive portions on or off.
/netnote <custom note> A custom setting to describe what your characters are doing.


<server>_<character>.ini example,

;send and receive data and processing, basically turn the plugin on or off
;Listen for NetBots data
;Send Netbots data

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Top-Level Object(s)

TLOs added by MQ2NetBots:

TLO Data Type(s) Description
NetBots NetBots Returns information about the client, but also holds a data type of the same name which is much more interesting.

Forms. Typical usage, /echo ${TLO}

Type TLO Description
NetBots NetBots Returns information about the client, and is used without index for data type members: Enable, Listen, Output, Counts and Client.
NetBots[charactername] Returns information about the connected character, and is used for nearly all of the data types.

Members. More may be available if inherited. Typical usage, /echo ${TLO.Member}

TLO Data Type Return Type Member Description
NetBots NetBots bool AFK is [Name] afk
Attacking is [Name] attacking
Binding whether [Name] is kneeling
Ducking is [Name] ducking
Enable Returns plugin on/off status
Feigning is [Name] feigning
Grouped is [Name] grouped
InGroup is [Name] in my group
Invis is [Name] invis
InZone is [Name] in my current zone
Levitating is [Name] floating
LFG is [Name] LFG
Listen Returns "grab" status as true/false
Mounted is [Name] on a mount
Moving is [Name] moving
Output Returns "send" status as true/false
Raid is [Name] in a raid
Sitting is [Name] sitting
StacksPet[SpellID] True if spell will stack on [Name]'s pet.
Stacks[SpellID] True if spell will stack on [Name]. Usage NetBots[Name].Stacks[SpellID]
Standing is [Name] standing
Stunned is [Name] stunned
class Class Returns class of [Name]
float PctAAExp Percent AA exp of [Name]
PctExp Percent EXP of [Name]
PctGroupLeaderExp Returns group leader EXP on servers that have this feature (emu only)
int Blinded blinded counters on [Name]
CastingLevel Casting level counters on [Name]
Charmed charm counters on [Name]
CombatState [Name]'s combat state
Corrupted Corruption counters on [Name]
Counters Negative effect counters on [Name]
Counts Number of broadcasting NetBots clients connected to EQBCS
CurrentEndurance Endurance of [Name]
CurrentHPs Current HP of [Name]
CurrentMana Current mana of [Name]
Cursed Cursed counters on [Name]
Detrimentals number of detrimanls on [Name]
Diseased Diseased counters on [Name]
EnduDrain endurance drain counters on [Name]
Feared fear counters on [Name]
FreebuffSlots number of free buff slots on [Name]
Healing Healing counters on [Name]
ID SpawnID of [Name]
Instance returns instance id of [Name]
Invulnerable Invulnerable counters on [Name]
Level Returns level of [Name]
LifeDrain life drain counters on [Name]
ManaDrain mana drain counters on [Name]
MaxEndurance Total endurance of [Name]
MaxHPs Max HP of [Name]
MaxMana Max mana of [Name]
Mesmerized mez counters on [Name]
NoCure nocure counters on [Name]
PctEndurance Percent endurance of [Name]
PctHPs percent HP of [Name]
PctMana Percent mana of [Name]
PetHP HP of [Name]'s pet
PetID Id of [Name]'s pet
Poisoned Poison counters on [Name]
Resistance resistance counters on [Name]
Rooted root counters on [Name]
Silenced silence counters on [Name]
Slowed slow counters on [Name]
Snared snare counters on [Name]
SpellCost spellcost counters on [Name]
SpellDamage spell damage counters on [Name]
SpellSlowed slow spell counters on [Name]
TargetHP HP of [Name]'s target
TargetID id of [Name]'s target
TotalAA The total AA of [Name]
Trigger trigger counters on [Name]
UnusedAA Number of AA unspent on [Name]
Updated last netbots update from [Name]
UsedAA The number of AA's [Name] spent
Zone Returns zone id of [Name]
spell Buff[#] The name of the buff [Name] has in slot <#>
Casting the spell [Name] is casting
PetBuff[#] The buff [Name]'s pet has in slot <#>
ShortBuff[#] Name of the short duration buff [Name] has in slot <#>
string Buff A list of all buffs on [Name]
Client Returns a list of client names currently broadcasting
Detrimental All detrimental types affecting [Name]
Heading The heading of [Name]
Leader is [Name] the leader
Location The coordinates of [Name]
Name Returns the name of [Name]
Note Returns the custom note on [Name] (see Command:/netnote on how to set this)
PetBuff A list of buffs on [Name]'s pet
ShortBuff A list of short duration buffs on [Name]
  • State of [Name]: