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Returns information about plugin status, currently spell being cast, spell readiness and more.

This Data Type is referenced in MQ2Cast, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): Cast


Type Member Description
bool Active Return TRUE if plugin is loaded and you are in-game.
  • ${Cast.Ready}

Returns TRUE if ready to cast a spell, item or AA

  • ${Cast.Ready[M]}

Return TRUE if ready to memorize a spell. ${Cast.Ready[#]} Return TRUE if gem # is ready to cast. ${Cast.Ready[<name or ID>]}

Return TRUE if spell, item, gem, ID, AA, etc is ready to cast. As spells and items can have the same IDs and spells and AAs can have the same names, it's a good idea to specify the type of cast to take place (ie. gem#/item/alt). See examples on DataType:Cast
Taken Return TRUE if last spell cast didn't take hold on target.
int Timing Returns the estimated number of miliseconds remaining until the spell finished casting.
spell Effect Returns the name of the spell being cast, or a NULL string if not casting.
Stored Returns the last spell that was cast, or NULL if no spell has been cast.
string Result Returns a string containing the result of the /casting command. It can be one of the following:
Result Description
CAST_ABORTED Casting Aborted (/interrupt)
CAST_CANCELLED Casting was aborted
CAST_CANNOTSEE Cannot see target
CAST_COLLAPSE Your Gate collapsed
CAST_COMPONENTS Missing Component
CAST_DISTRACTED You were distracted
CAST_FIZZLE Your cast fizzled
CAST_IMMUNE Target is immune the spell's effect
CAST_INTERRUPTED Casting was interupted
CAST_INVISIBLE You are invisible
CAST_NOTREADY Not ready to cast
CAST_OUTOFMANA Not enough mana to cast spell
CAST_OUTOFRANGE Target is out of range
CAST_OUTDOORS Spell not working here (on mount ect..)
CAST_PENDING Casting is in progress
CAST_RECOVER Spell is not ready
CAST_RESIST Cast was resisted
CAST_STANDING Not standing
CAST_STUNNED You are stunned
CAST_SUCCESS The cast was a success
CAST_TAKEHOLD The spell did not take hold
CAST_UNKNOWN Unknown Spell
Return Returns the result of the casting/memorize/interrupt request.
Status Returns a string containing all the pending events. This string often contains multiple events (eg. when /casting still has to immobilize you and then memorize the spell before it can cast).
  • The list of possible pending events is:
    • I: idle and waiting for you
    • A: advpath pause
    • F: stick pause
    • S: immobilize in progress
    • M: memorize in progress
    • E: item swapped
    • D: ducking casting
    • T: targeting
    • C: spell casting in progress


  • Testing if an AA, spell or item is ready to cast:
${Cast.Ready[spellname or spellid]}
${Cast.Ready[aaname or aaid]}
${Cast.Ready[itemname or itemid]}
${Cast.Ready[Death Peace]}
${Cast.Ready[Death Peace|alt]}
${Cast.Ready[Death Peace|gem]}
${Cast.Ready[Death Peace|gem3]}

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