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Data for the current dynamic zone instance

This Data Type is referenced in MacroQuest, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): DynamicZone


Type Member Description
bool InRaid
LeaderFlagged Returns true if the dzleader can successfully enter the dz (this also means the dz is actually Loaded.)
dzmember Leader The leader of the dynamic zone
Member[#|name] The dynamic zone member # or name
dztimer Timer[#|name] Access the list of current lockout timers. This is either an index from 1 to MaxTimers, or a Expedition|Event combination. Event is optional, but if multiple Expeditions match, the timer with the earliest lockout expiration will be returned.
int MaxMembers Maximum number of characters that can enter this dynamic zone
MaxTimers The number of timers present in Timers
Members Current number of characters in the dynamic zone
string Name The full name of the dynamic zone


  • Is the raid leader flagged for the dz?

/echo ${DynamicZone.LeaderFlagged}

  • Lockout timer check

/echo ${DynamicZone.Timer[Nagafen's Lair|Lord Nagafen].Timer.TimeDHM}

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