Spawn search

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These are the accepted spawn search types, used in various commands, plugins, TLOs and Data Types that support searching for spawns. They come from the MQSpawnSearch struct in MacroQuest.

Option Description
pc Player Characters (default)
npc Non-Player Characters
mount Mounts
pet Pets
pcpet Player Character's pets
npcpet Non-Player Character's pets
xtarhater Mobs with aggro on the extended target window
nopet Not a pet
corpse Corpses
npccorpse Non-Player Character's corpses
pccorpse Player Character's corpses
trigger Triggers
untargetable Spawns that can't be targeted
trap It's a trap!
chest Chests
timer Timer spawns
aura Auras
object Objects
banner Banners
campfire Campfires
mercenary Mercenaries
flyer Flying monsters
any All types
next Next spawn matching the search criteria, when using /mqtarget
prev Previous spawn matching the search criteria, when using /mqtarget
lfg All spawns Looking For Group
gm GMs and guides who have chosen to be visible
group Group members
fellowship Characters in your fellowship
nogroup Characters that aren't in your group
raid Characters who are in your raid
noguild Characters who lack a guild
trader Characters who are in trader mode
named "Named" spawns (spawns whose names start with a #, or whose name does not start with "a" or "an")
merchant NPC merchants
banker NPC bankers
tribute Tribute masters
knight Paladins and Shadowknights
tank Paladins, Shadowknights and Warriors
healer Druids, Clerics and Shaman
dps Wizards, Rangers, Berserkers and Rogues
slower Shaman, Enchanter, Beastlord, and Bard
los Spawns in your line of sight
targetable Spawns that you can target
range <#> <#> Spawns within a level range, e.g. range 5 45
loc <x y [z]> Spawns at a specific location, z is optional (defaults to your current z axis). Must be used with radius.
id <#> Spawns that match id #
radius <#> Spawns within specified radius
body <bodytype> Spawns with one of the specified Body types.
class <classname> Spawns of the specified class, must be long name.
race <racename> Spawns with the specified race name.
light <lightsource> Spawns with the specified lightsource
guild Returns spawns in your own guild
guildname <name> Returns spawns with the specified guild name, if blank, returns players with any guild name.
alert <#> Spawns on your alert list #
noalert <#> Spawns not on your alert list #
notnearalert <#> Spawns not near alert list #
nearalert <#> Spawns near alert list #
zradius <#> Spawns within specified z-axis radius
notid <#> Spawns that are not id #
nopcnear <#> Spawns with no players within specified radius. Defaults to 200 radius
playerstate <#> Spawns that match the PlayerState int
= Exact name
(any number) The number will be considered the minimum level, and will return spawns of a higher or equal level.
(anything not on the list) Any word that doesn't match an argument in this list will be considered a name

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