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Contains members the report status of plugin variables and current target(s)

This Data Type is referenced in MQ2Melee, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): Melee


Type Member Description
bool AggroMode TRUE/FALSE if the plugin is operating in Aggro-mode or not.
BackStabbing TRUE/FALSE if backstab setting is on/off.
Combat TRUE/FALSE if plugin enable and got valid kill target. Should replace ${Me.Combat} logic.
Enable TRUE/FALSE if plugin on/off, NULL if not loaded.
Engage TRUE if we have a valid kill target and it's okay to turn attack on, FALSE if not.
Enrage True if enraged
GotAggro TRUE/FALSE if current target seems to be aggroed on you (not perfect).
Immobilize TRUE if you have been standing still for more then 250ms, FALSE if not.
Infuriate TRUE if kill target is infuriated!
XTaggro Aggro from xtarget mobs
float BackAngle Angle representing heading difference with current target's back.
ViewAngle Angle of view with current target.
int Ammunition Count of defined ammunition or current equipped ammunition.
Casted Time (in miliseconds) elapsed since last detected spell casting (60000 if none).
DiscID Spell ID of currently running discipline, 0 if none.
Hidden How long you've been hidden
MeleeMode Maximum distance to target to be considered in melee range.
NumHits Total number of hits
RangeMode Minimum distance to target to be considered in archery range.
Silent How long you've been sneaking
Target SpawnID of current valid kill target, otherwise 0.
string Status Current plugin status, can be one or more of the following: ENGAGED, WAITING, MELEE, RANGE, ENRAGE, INFURIATE, BACKING, ESCAPING, FEIGNING, EVADING, FALLING, STEALING, BEGGING.

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