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Authors ChatWithThisName, Sic
Software type Plugin
Config file mq2monk_charactername.ini

Maintained Yes and supported

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Syntax Description
/mnk [option] [setting] Your class ShortName is your / command prefix.


Settings are on the Commands Page:


Video information and overview:


Q. The UI Window Doesn't save my settings?

  • A. This is intentional. The UI acts as a "hot swap" allowing you to adjust on the fly. If you want to "save" your settings, adjust it with the slash command.
  • Explained here > UI Video @ 9:10 <

Q. My UI window isn't saving the location

  • A. > CWTN UI Video < follow these steps:
  • 1. move it to where you want it
  • 2. close the window
  • 3. /mnk show to reshow it - eq will now have the window saved

Q. How do I load the mnk window?

  • A. /mnk show

Q. Does this work for all levels?

  • A. Yes.

Q. My Monk won't assist or chase even though that's the set plugin mode.

  • A. Designate a member of the group as the main assist in the group by right-clicking on their name and assigning them the role in the group window

Q. What is UseBandoSwap?

  • A. UseBandoSwap will check to see if you have both "a bandolier set that uses 2hb" and "a bandolier set that has 1hb or h2h". If it finds both of these sets (the topmost set of each type) it will remember those two bandolier sets. if you do not have the buff from Fists of Steel AA, it will swap to your 1hb/h2h set until you proc, and then swap back to your 2hb bandolier. This AA is mostly broken and stupid rendering this option nearly useless until they fix the AA and the proc.

Q. Do I have to rename my bandolier sets?

  • A. Nope, the plugin will automatically pick the topmost bandolier of each of the two types (a 1hb/h2h set, and a 2hb set). The bandolier sets are checked upon plugin load and will output if you have sets to swap or not.

Q. I don't want my monk to FD.

  • A. you can /monk usefeign off to turn off Feign Death. It will only use FD to manage aggro if you are in Manual, Assist, ChaseAssist, and PullerAssist mode AND usefeign is turned on.

Q. Why does my monk suck as a tank?!

  • A. Well, we do have some tank mode-specific logic in place - but understand that monks are primarily puller/dps toons, and this plugin is designed primarily with that in mind.

Q. How do I make it not do tank stuff?

  • A. You will use your tanking-type stuff if you are in a tank mode (like 4, 5, 7, or 8), or you are assigned as Main Tank in your group window assignment. * If you don't want to do tanking stuff (like taunt) put yourself in a non-tank mode (like 0 manual, 1 assist, etc) and don't be assigned as main tank in your group window. This will allow you to on-the-fly swap to doing tank stuff and non-tank stuff (like if you are off-tanking and need to swap with another tank). You can just quickly adjust your mode, or group assignment. Flow Chart > HERE <

Q. Why doesn't it Purify Body XXX?

  • A. Currently, Purify Body will be used on Poison, Disease, Curse, and Corruption. We will be later expanding this as appropriate.

Q. Will this split pull?

  • A. Not at this time.

Q. Will this chain pull (like disengage at a certain health % and pull more?

  • A. No, if you're killing fast enough for that, you should consider a hunter tank mode on your tank and you take your team to the mobs to cut down on travel time. We don't have chain pulling.

Q. How do I ignore a mob ?

  • A. /mnk ignore

Q. Why does it not use Dissident?

  • A. EQ Has an issue where it doesn't give you your rank 1, even if you have Dissident Form - If you have Tier 1 of Dissident ensure you actually have the "Dissident Form Trigger 1" in your spell book - if you do not, go to Virtuous Dusk and say "reminder" get "update" your rank 1 ability

Q. Why is it using Torrent of Fists/Firestorm of Fists over Barrage of Fists?

  • A. We have logic in mq2berzerker to handle what rank of your synergy AA line you have. If you don't have high enough Synergy it is going to use the lower ability to get that sweet sweet synergy proc.

Q. Epic 1.0/1.5/2.0?

  • A. We automatically use your 1.0/1.5/2.0 - If you want to add your 1.0 hold it and /mnk addclicky offensive or /mnk addclicky burn depending on when you want to use your 1.0

Q. Why am I Not Pulling XYZ mob?

  • A. Not pulling a mob is almost always an issue either with your Navmesh or your pull settings. If you do a /monk debugpull on once and it will cycle 1 time and spit out in your mq2 window all the mobs and why you are not pulling them. Compare the output with the mobs you think you should be pulling and it will tell you why. This will notify you if you have no nav path, or out of zradius, or regular radius, or on ignore, etc.

Q. Trying to go mode 1 but says I need a mesh?

  • A. The plugins require mq2nav for movement. You will need to run the mesh updater in your RedGuide's Launcher. Please watch the video > HERE <

Q. My plugin says it's out of date since I patched.

  • A. For Live: Check the plugins tab of your VV launcher. For Emu/Test: it is automatically downloaded when you update.

Top-Level Object(s)

TLOs added by MQ2Monk:

TLO Data Type(s) Description
CWTN CWTN Holds the CWTN datatype which is much more interesting

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