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Helps find the "worst hurt" member of your party, xtar list or pet.

This TLO is added by MQ2WorstHurt


Type Member Description
spawn WorstHurt[<group|xtarget|both>,<n>,<radius>,<includePets>] It will default to both, n = 1, radius = 999999, and includePets = TRUE. So the following are all the same:

Parameter ordering can be whatever you like, the more often it'll be changed from the default the further to the left it should be to make the macro lines shorter. If you think you're more likely to want to change includePets than radius, for example, they could be swapped.

It returns a spawn type, so you'll have access to all the usual spawn members. Basically if you can do ${Spawn[whatever].Something}, you can do ${WorstHurt.Something}. Class.ShortName will be fine

Access to Types

Type Description
spawn A type for spawns

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