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The Macro DataType deals with the macro currently running, and nothing else.

This Data Type is referenced in MacroQuest, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): Macro


Type Member Description
action Undeclared List all undeclared variables
bool IsOuterVariable true if the provided parameter is a defined outer variable
IsTLO true if the provided parameter an existing TLO
Paused NULL if no macro running, FALSE if mqpause is off, TRUE if mqpause is on
int CurLine The current line number of the macro being processed
MemUse How much memory the macro is using
Params The number of parameters that were passed to the current subroutine
int64 RunTime How long the macro has been running (in seconds)
string CurCommand list the current line number, macro name, and code of the macro being processed
CurSub The current subroutine
Name The name of the macro currently running
Return The value that was returned by the last completed subroutine
Variable get macro variables outside the macro environment

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