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Members of this datatype relate to MQ2EQBC settings and generic information and can be accessed via the ${EQBC} TLO.

This Data Type is referenced in MQ2EQBC, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): EQBC


Type Member Description
bool Connected Client connection status
GotNames Indicates whether your client has received the name list from the server
Setting[option] On/Off status of specified option (/bccmd set for list)
string Names List of connected characters
Port Returns port of the connected server
Server Returns hostname/ip of the connected server
ToonName Character name as seen by EQBC (may reflect YouPlayer)


  • /echo ${EQBC.Names} returns "gSe7eN eqmule plure sym1 redbot Warl0ck45"
  • /echo ${EQBC.Port} returns "2112"

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