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Returns information on task objectives

This Data Type is referenced in MacroQuest, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): Task
taskobjectivemember is used as a return type by these members:  [ Toggle ]

Page Member Description
task Objective[#] Returns information about a task's objectives
Step Gets the first step that's not done in the task objective, and returns a description.


Type Member Description
bool Optional Returns true or false if a objective is optional
int CurrentCount Returns the current count of the .Type needed to complete a objective
DZSwitchID Returns an int of the switch used in a objective.
Index Returns the obective's place on the index
RequiredCount Returns the required count of the .Type needed to complete a objective
string Instruction Returns a tasks's Objectives
RequiredItem Returns a string of the required item to complete a objective.
RequiredSkill Returns a string of the required skill to complete a objective.
RequiredSpell Returns a string of the required spell to complete a objective.
Status Returns the status of the objective in the format amount done Vs total IE 0/3
Type Returns one of the following: Unknown, None, Deliver, Kill, Loot, Hail, Explore, Tradeskill, Fishing, Foraging, Cast, UseSkill, DZSwitch, DestroyObject, Collect, Dialogue, Null
Zone The zone in which the task's objective is found.

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