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Will return the results of your database query, or show the status of a given query.

This Data Type is referenced in MQ2SQLite, and accessed by Top-Level Object(s): sqlite


Type Member Description
int resultcode[<QueryName>] Result codes are returned from the SQLite Standard Result Codes found here.

Additionally, custom errors are returned as negative numbers. The following return codes may be returned:

  1. The query is still running (Active)
  2. The query you were looking for was not found (perhaps the name is wrong?)
  3. There was a conversion error on string to int conversion for the result code
rows[<QueryName>] The number of rows returned for results
string result[<QueryName> <Row> <ColumnName>] Will show results (or Failed). Must include all three parameters.
status[<QueryName>] Current status of the given query name - Either Active, Success, or Failed


/echo ${sqlite.result[myquery 1 Name]}

The above would return the value of the column named "Name" for the first row of results from myquery.

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