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Guide Dr. Whom Ph.D's Nostalgia Quest Guide (MQ2 and Kissassist for the New Returner)

Software Requirements
* Very Vanilla Macroquest 2 and plugins for the test server (https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/very-vanilla-mq2-test-server.59/)
* Kissassist (Comes with Very Vanilla MQ2)
* Brewall's EQ Maps (http://www.eqmaps.info/eq-map-files/)
Server Type
🏢 Live Test
## Introduction
I stopped playing EQ sometime after Kunark but well prior to the announcement of Velious. Recently I felt like going back to the game that was my entry experience to MMOs. I decided to start my Nostalgia Tour on the test server with a 6-box setup. While most folks don't care for the test servers lack of economy and increased XP, I preferred it as I didn't have to worry about paying for prestige status for all my characters. This guide will be continuously updated with tips and tricks as I try them and learn from the greater Red Guides community.

Another benefit of the test server I've found: the game doesn't bug me regularly to sub. After one day on FV, this became REALLY annoying.

### Tools Used
* Very Vanilla Macroquest 2 and plugins for the test server (https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/very-vanilla-mq2-test-server.59/)
Watch the first three videos to understand initial setup. These videos are short and to the point.
* Kissassist (Comes with Very Vanilla MQ2)
The same goes for these videos as well.

### Gaming PC for boxing
I have a i5-6600K overclocked slightly to 4.3GHZ, 16GB of RAM, an R9 290, and a 500GB SSD. This has been working fine to 6-box with non-Luclin models. You'll see my performance settings below in this guide.

I also have a Logitech G600 which is particularly handy for easily having 24 keyboard social keys or short cuts mapped to my mouse (or mouse macros). This is handy as from my mouse I can rapidly switch EQ windows via the MQ2 hotkeys setup for mq2autologin. For the types of games I play (MMOs and such) this mouse has been awesome.

### Group Make-up
My initial 6-box party is relatively traditional EQ setup. I thought this would be the easiest combination to test thought may not be DPS optimal. The racial choice is made easier by the fact that unlike my original days in EQ the new starter areas are not evil/good specific and everyone starts in the same place.

In all character cases I left the game choose my default stats. From reading around it seemed that min-maxing stats manually does not have much of an effect in the game in the long run.

#### Old School EQ
I decided, even though the test server allows instant-to-25 characters (/testbuff), I wanted to just loot what I found. I also negated quests predominantly due to the difficulty of 6-boxing the quests while also learning the ins-and-outs.

Shadowknight - Tank - Troll
Cleric - Healer - Dwarf
Bard - Assist - Half Elf (in honor of my original Everquest character)
Enchanter - Assist - Gnome
Wizard - Ranged DPS - Erudite
Monk - Melee DPS - Iksar

I plan to wipe these characters now that I have a fuller planned make-up of characters I would like across the six accounts.

#### Reboot Make-Up
My current group is based more around DPS classes and pets. I chose magic DPS classes as I figured they may be less gear dependent overall. Let's see if I'm right.
Shadow Knight - Tank/Pet -
Shaman - Heals/Pet -
Beastlord - DPS/Pet -
Magician - DPS/Support/Pet -
Enchanter - CC/Pet -
Wizard - DPS

#### Mostly Melee Make-Up
I started up a second mostly melee group as I wanted to finally get over level 46 with a rogue. This was my max level 'back in the day' before I got fed up for how long it took to get a group. I've definitely wiped far more but I'm also taking more risks in older zones with my pulls.

Paladin - Tank - Letting KA play this in the Tank role. May eventually switch to Puller tank.
Rogue - DPS - Me!
Cleric - Heal - With this melee heavy group I wanted all the heals and all the rezzes.
Ranger - DPS/Range - BOWS!
Berserker - DPS - FRENZY!
Bard - Support - Mezzes and melee boosts.

#### The Misfits
Because I wanted to have all the classes available to mix and match across the accounts I felt it neessary to create 4 final characters with the classes not yet played.

Warrior - Tank - I'm letting @ChatWithThisName's mq2war plugin play this character -- so far so good!
Druid - Healer/DPS - Will do DPS and help with healing, getting cleric merc as a backup.
Necromancer - DPS - Sure, fights don't take long anymore in the end game, but it'll be fun leveling up.
Monk - DPS - Could be a great puller.
[MERC] Warrior - DPS help
[MERC] Cleric - Druid healing help and rezzes -- and because everyone says druids suck at healing.

#### Account Split
I ended up creating 10 accounts for all the characters in case I wanted to have more than 6 folks in a support raid.

The split allowed me to keep a Wiz, Bard, and Druid seperate for travelling needs. I also have a Paladin and Cleric seperate for additional tanking and healing needs.

## ISBoxer Settings
I had luck following the ISBoxer EQ quick start guide except for needing to point it at my second everquest folder with the Live install (Test is the configuration of my primary install).

Quick start guide here: https://isboxer.com/w/index.php?title=EQ1:Quick_Start_Guide -- Suggestions based on my experience and @Sic's is to use the Bare profile. If you rely on mq2's setup for message sending, you really don't need the multiple keystrokes function enabled. Either way, I suggest you get used to the bare mode initially and work up from there.

See this guide for setting up mq2autologin: https://www.redguides.com/community...ins-modern-secure-profiles-with-isboxer.1318/

## EQ Settings

### Overloaded audio
By default all your EQ windows will be playing sound separately. To avoid discordant audio issues you can leverage the windows audio mixer and mute the EQ windows that aren't your MA. I haven't found a way yet to do this automatically (I'm sure there is somewhere...) but it is easy enough to do manually by opening up your audio mixer from the start menu's task area.

Other alternative solutions:
From Knightly:
For the audio setting, IsBoxer and autologin have code to virtualize your eqclient.ini file so you can use different ones for different groups.

Barring that, the old school way to do it was have multiple EQ directories which would allow you to change settings on one "instance" without impacting others.

### eqclient.ini

I personally don't like the Luclin models. I turn them off for the nostalgia experience and it saves on resources for multi-boxing.


I play in windowed mode on a 1080P monitor. The following tends to be the optimal settings for me so that I can keep some additional info on screen while having the ability to quickly swap play windows.


Note, if you use lSBoxer for windows management, then resolution settings don't really matter.

BB4 has a further settings guide here: https://www.redguides.com/community...q-settings-to-minimize-cpu-memory-usage.1292/

### Launcher Settings
If you want to reduce CPU and GPU stress, turn off the Luclin and other high quality models. The other benefit is it will give you a nice retro experience. I prefer the retro models for nostalgia's sake and this was a huge performance gain.

### Hotkeys
All the hotkeys below are focused on starting up your 6-box. Kissassist and Macroquest 2 will do the rest (and are discussed in more detail later). Right now many of these don't use the fancy features of aliases, multiline macros, and the like as of yet. I plan to build up to that as I get more comfortable with the game again.

Some of these hotkeys have come from the sources in the REFERENCES section (marked by [ref])

Disable MQ2Melee to let Kissassist run everything. I predominantly do this as I just would prefer fewer plugins conflicting with each other if possible.
/bcaa //plugin mq2melee unload

Quit to desktop:
/bcaa //camp desktop

Start Camp for leveling:
/noparse /bcg //camphere on
End Camp when you're ready to go elsewhere:
/noparse /bcga //camphere off

Kiss Status: [sic's hotkeys ref]
Page9Button9Line2=/noparse /bcga //if (${Me.Class.ShortName.NotEqual[BER]}) /bc ${If[!${Select[${Macro.Name},kissassist.mac]},${If[${Macro.Name.Length},[+R+]${Macro.Name},]},[+W+]Role: [+G+]${Role} [+W+]Status: ${If[${Macro.Paused},[+R+]Paused,[+G+]Running]}]}

Quest item turnin maco (ref: MaxD from Discord -- have not used yet)
/bcg //itemnotify "${Cursor.Name}" leftmouseup
/bcg //target ID ${Target.ID}
/bcga //click left target; /pause 5
/bcga //notify givewnd GVW_Give_Button leftmouseup

## Macroquest 2 and plugins
Macroquest 2 helps run a number of useful plugins and macros. The following new uers guides provide necessary information for setting up Very Vanilla MQ2:

The below plugins come with Very Vanilla MQ2 unless otherwise specified. If a plugin must be obtained separately I'll provide a URL.

### MQ2 Automatically Executed CFGs
A number of configuration options leveraged here were learned from @kaen01 -- make sure these go in your configs directory under MQ2:

CharSelect.cfg -- This file can be leveraged to make sure plugins you don't want running on all your characters are properly unloaded in case for some reason some other plugin or character loaded them
/SetWinTitle ${Me.Name}.${EverQuest.Server} (Lvl:${Me.Level} ${Me.Class})
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2berzerker]}]}) /plugin mq2berzerker unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2rogue]}]}) /plugin mq2rogue unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2monk]}]}) /plugin mq2monk unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2war]}]}) /plugin mq2war unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2dpsadv]}]}) /plugin mq2dpsadv unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2damageparser]}]}) /plugin mq2damageparser unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2melee]}]}) /plugin mq2melee unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2cast]}]}) /plugin mq2cast unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2exchange]}]}) /plugin mq2exchange unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2gmail]}]}) /plugin mq2gmail unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2posse]}]}) /plugin mq2posse unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2twist]}]}) /plugin mq2twist unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2bardswap]}]}) /plugin mq2bardswap unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2log]}]}) /plugin mq2log unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2Reward]}]}) /plugin mq2Reward unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2bzsrch]}]}) /plugin mq2bzsrch unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2sqlite]}]}) /plugin mq2sqlite unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2targetinfo]}]}) /plugin mq2targetinfo unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2autoforage]}]}) /plugin mq2autoforage unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2cpu]}]}) /plugin mq2cpu unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2fps]}]}) /plugin mq2fps unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2viewport]}]}) /plugin mq2viewport unload
/if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2paranoid]}]}) /plugin mq2paranoid unload

/plugin mq2war noauto

/plugin mq2rogue noauto

/plugin mq2berzerker noauto

/plugin mq2twist noauto
/plugin mq2bardswap noauto
/if (!${Bool[${BardSwap.Swapping}]}) /bardswap
/if (!${Bool[${BardSwap.MeleeSwap}]}) /bardswap melee

### EQBCS Quick Reference
Initial bccmd connect: /bccmd reconnect on
Ask all characters to connect by default: /bcaa //bccmd set autoconnect on
Send command to all characters connected to the server: /bcaa //<the command> <stuff>
Send command to all characters, except yourself, connected to the server: /bca //<the command> <stuff>
Send command to all group members: /bcga //<the command>
Send command to all group members, except yourself: /bcg //<the command>
Send command to a specific character: /bct <the specific character> //<the command>

Tell all players you've invited to join your groupto join your group: /bcaa //invite
[SIZE+22px]### Dannet Quick Reference[/SIZE]
I've finally started using Dannet. The commands are a bit different but so far things are working well. One of the minor, but nice things, is you don't need to send two forward slashes.

Send command to all characters connected to the server: /dgae /<the command> <stuff>
Send command to all characters, except yourself, connected to the server: /dge /<the command> <stuff>
Send command to all group members: /dggae /<the command>
Send command to all group members, except yourself: /dgge /<the command>
Send command to a specific character: /dt /<the command>

### Useful AA ability shortcuts
/bcaa //alt activate 331 ;ports everyone to their origin city

### mq2fps
[NOTE: I've stopped using this plugin as its effected things like pokscribe running in the background and disabling luclin models has helped performance immensely. Also, I suggest using mq2eqwire]

This will help reduce the FPS for any EQ background windows to reduce CPU/GPU power. Currently my CPU and GPU usage is minimal though memory usage is still 600-800mb a window.

/bcaa //plugin mq2fps
/bcaa //fps on
/bcaa //fps mode absolute
/bcaa //maxfps fg 60
/bcaa //maxfps bg 6

### mq2viewport
[NOTE: I've stopped using this plugin and switched to mq2eqwire.]
If you would like further CPU and memory reduction, this blanks any viewport not in the forefront.

/bcaa //plugin mq2viewport
/bcaa //vp on

### mq2autogroup
Ref: https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/mq2autogroup.54769/

Perform the following on your tank to setup auto grouping.

First you create the group entry in the autogroup ini:
/autogroup create

Then target yourself -- in my case I'm the main tank
/autogroup set maintank

Now when you re-log your team will autojoin the group!

### mq2easyfind
This plugin will help you move through zones quicker and reach the NPCs you need. CTRL+F will help find the location names for /easyfind.

/travelto "zone" goes to the zone name mentioned by "zone"
/easyfind "location name" travels to the "location name" mentioned in the find window

Warning: This doesn't work super well when you don't have a mesh loaded and occasionally kissassist will conflict. Make sure you have all your mq2nav meshes loaded and kissassist is stopped or paused.

Useful zone list that has short names for all zones that can be used with /travelto: https://articles.eqresource.com/zonelist.php

### mq2autoaccept
Alternative to MQ2Yes -- Potentially Better or at least complementary -- haven't fully tested this yet
/autoaccept on
/autoaccept trade on
/autoaccept add NAME -- Add NAME to list
/autoaccept save (when done)

### mq2dpsadv
Decent setup for getting some more accurate DPS parsing measurements and comes with VV.

I've turned off the dps setting in Kissassist and purely rely on this. I find it more accurate.

### mq2bardswap
This will help make sure your bard uses the optimal instrument for their songs. I have started using this though regularly have to check if it's on when I login. It seems it won't always automatically start swapping but perhaps I'm misunderstanding what my bard is doing at login.

Below is a short and simple ini that I currently use:
Horn=/exchange "Horn" mainhand
Drum=/exchange "Thunderous Drum of Karana" mainhand
Lute=/exchange "Lute of the Howler" mainhand
Wind=/exchange "Wooden Flute" mainhand
Singing=/exchange "Velium Swiftblade" mainhand
Weapons=/exchange "Velium Swiftblade" mainhand
;Instruments don't have an effect on these
Exclude1=Requiem of Time
Exclude2=Selo's Rhythm of Speed
Exclude3=Selo`s Assonant Strane
Exclude4=Song of Sustenance
Exclude5=Alenia`s Disenchanting Melody
;no swap for my Selo's AA
Exclude6=Selo`s Accelerating Chorus
;or lute of the flowing waters click
Exclude7=Wind of Marr

### mq2autoforage

I manually loaded this only on characters that could forage after putting forage on the Abilities bar.

Started with /startforage -- the latest versions will not automatically remember this setting.

Just make sure you have enough bag space so that you don't run out of foraging room. You'll eventually want to start deleting stuff that either doesn't sell you don't need. This can be done with /destroyitem {item name}.

I have not yet paid attention to the ini files to determine if there's things I don't want to keep or not.

### mq2autoloot

Now that mq2autloot is fixed for test it truly is a set it and forget it setup. I have turned it on and left it at that for the moment. I believe going forward if I do rare armor hunting I will try and work something similar to Maskoi's guide.

My Autoloot settings default to Keep, and then I manually go through and set most things to Sell. The only things that I keep that aren't specified as specific class or quest gear are pieces of Defiant which I plan to put up on the Test server bazaar to help other newer players out.

One of the most useful settings you can use, however, is the 'Gear' setting. This is particularly useful for questing. For example, the following entries are setup for getting my Paladin's Ghoulbane weapon:

Blade of Nobility=Gear|Classes|PAL|NumberToLoot|1|
Ghoul's Heart=Gear|Classes|PAL|NumberToLoot|1|
Hilt of the Nobleman=Gear|Classes|PAL|NumberToLoot|1|
Amstaf's Scroll=Gear|Classes|PAL|NumberToLoot|1|

This will allow each Paladin in the group to loot 1 of these days. You could re-use a similar setup if you had multiples of a single class in your group and they would still each loot one.

Another great one if you want to have Necromancers in your group:

Bone Chips=Gear|Classes|NEC|NumberToLoot|500|

I periodically need to update my loot.ini to switch trash from 'Keep' to 'Sell' as I haven't found a way to have 'Sell' be the default for non-quest droppable items. As such, the following regulary expression can be used with your fancy text editor of choice to find all entries that do NOT have defiant OR ornament in the item name AND are set to Keep:


### mq2relocate
This is a great new pluging by @Sic and @cwtn. It's pretty simple. Use the /relocate command and tell it where you want to go. Of course /bcaa //relocate <location> will perform this for the whole group. I regularly leverage the following locations: lobby, fellowship, and origin.

### mq2war
MQ2 War works well and is relativley easy to setup. You will need to modify your social keys to use it with KA. You also will want to make sure that the character you play is marked as Main Assist for chase mode to work.

Starting MQ2War is a matter of just going on the warrior at typing /war mode # where # is the mode you want to use. The modes I regularly use are:
2 - Chase mode. Works like KA chase but uses the group's main assist as the target. I set that to me.
4 - Tank mode. Works like KA's camp here mode. Will automatically engage targets in range.
5 - Puller Tank mode. Works like KA's puller tank role. Currently a work in progress but in generally works relatively well. It only occasionally requires manual intervention at the moment and I may just be a special case.

I strongly suggest avoiding the use of a merc on the tank if in the puller tank role. If the merc gets aggro it won't end up bringing the mob back to base.

Everything else is automatic.

@Sic's hotekey guide has great examples on how to start KA on some characters and not others using /if commands. He regularly uses these for leveraing mq2rogue and mq2bez.

The general discussion of MQ2War will apply to the other CWTN/Sic plugins as well.

### mq2status
I started using this plugin but for some reason my version of mq2 had a /status command already defined via alias. Per instructions I removed this via /bcaa //alias /status delete

There seem to be no adverse side effects as the /status macro just 'echo'd information.

### mq2autoaaspend

As I hit 51 I turned on this plugin. I set my AA share to 20%. As I'm playing on test I wanted to slow down my leveling a bit so my cash didn't outstrap my ability to buy spells. I also turned on 'autogrant aa'

Below is my personal setup:

Turn it on for everyone:
/bcaa //plugin mq2aaspend

Don't buy autogranted AA's:
/bcaa //aaspend bonus on

Bank up to 15 AA's:
/aaspend bank 100

Chances are most of the AA's below are all auto-granted so I most likely wasted a bit of time putting these in.

Setup everyone in my cater focused group to follow Almar's suggestions for basic AA's
/bcaa //aaspend add "Combat Agility" M
/bcaa //aaspend add "Combat Stability" M

This one may seem boring but I just hate having to worry about food and drink as much:
/bcaa //aaspend add "Innate Metabolism" M

/bcaa //aaspend add "Natural Durability" M
/bcaa //aaspend add "Mnemonic Retention" M
/bcaa //aaspend add "Mental Stamina" M
/bcaa //aaspend add "Mystical Attuning" 5
/bcaa //aaspend add "General Sturdiness" M

You'll want to update your ini's to make sure this is always near the end
/bcaa //aaspend add "Innate Regeneration" M

For my eventual melee focused group I'd fine tune the casting benefits.

### mq2paranoia

I've had a little time with this plugin and find it useful to keep track of who joins me in leveling. For earlier levels this is nice as I can keep track who joins me in zone. It also defaults to on.

This can get a bit spammy in PoKnowledge and GuildLobby so you can always type '/para off' to turn it off in these zones. I've not yet figured out how to do this with one of the config files and get it to stick. It seems to get turned off and then right back on.

### mq2plattracker

This is a nice tool to keep track of how much you earn during a session. It's probably more useful if you're killing humanoids who drop coin as otherwise to keep truly accurate track you'd just need to go sell everything at the end of your session each time.

### mq2xptracker

This is a great tool to keep track of how much XP you're gaining per mob (in %), number of mobs you're killing per hour, and amount of time to level. Needs to be turned on prior to starting your session.

### mq2posse

WORK IN PROGRESS -- Have not configured yet.

### PoKScribe Macro
Ref: https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/pokscribe.1064/

This macro is really straight forward. Download it, put it in your macros folder, and just run /mac pokscribe. It does exactly what it says it does. It went and got all the 1-15 spells for my character when I went to check. Just make sure you've got the plat!

As a note, if you don't have enough bag space you may need to call /mac pokscribe multiple times to collect all the spells.

Updated note: Until I become more economically situated, or start leveling up a second set of characters where plat is no issue, I've gone back to choosing my spells manually. It's a bit slower but it allows me to level more effectively. I'd suggest holding off from using this until you're in similar circumstances.

### Newtoon Macro
Very straightforward:
1) Create a new character
2) Before you touch anything type: /mac newtoon
3) Manually hail your comrade after killing the kobold.
4) Let it do the rest!

### IHCMercs

I also started using IHC mercs for my Wizard and Enchanter. IHCMercs is a macro that requires minimal configuration and will perform your toons role in a specific way. This is basically the macro equivalent of CWTN's plugins. The upside is for leveling I don't regularly need to change macros. The downside is I don't have a ton of specific control over how the character is played. It's been very handy so far though.

## Kissassist
Kissassist will help control all the assist characters in your 6-box group.

### Kissassist Specific Macro/Socials
I currently leverage kissassist on all my dps, healers, and support characters. I'm more comfortable as a new player manually controlling my tanker or puller. In the future I may leverage kissassist to manage my tank while I manage a bard puller manually.
* Starting Kissassist: /bca //mac kissassist Assist <TankName> 98
* Start Kissassist on your tank: /mac kissassist Manual <TankName>
* Ending Kissassist: /bca //end

### Class abbreviations
If you want to specify buffs specifically for certain classes, the follow abbreviations can be used.


### Kissassist INI Strategy

The below bulleted tips relate to practices I currently leverage when re-doing my Kissassist .ini files.

  • Always used dpson=2.
  • Updated each ini manually every 5 levels at most or at least every major spell by. It usually takes me a good 15-30 minutes for purchasing spells and configuring my gems. It takes another 30 minutes to update the ini files.
  • Use the library to give you ideas of new ways of configuration but don't blindly cut and paste. I enjoy the challenge of configuration but also want to have the group match my play style.
  • Your first 7 slots should be focused on combat and short duration buffs. Kissassist will automatically memorize and cast additional abilities using your 8th gem slot.
  • For all casters using the 8th misc gem slot heavily make sure MiscGemRemem=0 in your ini because it really doesn't matter what sticks in that slot.
  • If you all have a beastmaster that wants to cast Frenzy as a buff in Kissassist, there's currently a minor bug (v11.005) that will stop this from occuring. It's been reported and will hopefully be patched with a new version of KA.

#### Healers
  • After the earliest of levels I refrain from having healers cast DPS until mana regen gets better to keep uptime high.
  • Focus buffs on the characters that need them most. Tanks need increased AC/AGI, melee DPS increase strength.
  • Don't have your heal/mqp
ders med during combat, this causes them to occasionally miss some heals at critical times (my personal perception).
- Create comments above each Buff entry to keep track of what lines go in what slots.

- Condition for Healers to do DPS if they have extra mana to use (WORK IN PROGRESS)
Cond1=${Target.ID} && ${Range.Between[50,99:${Target.PctHPs}]} && ${Range.Between[80,99:${Me.PctMana}]}

- For Clerics and Paladins, you'll find the following condition useful for your Undead-specific spells or Undead-DD spells:

- @Sic's LVL110 Cleric INI has great condition examples for healers including examples of how to only group heal if there are a certain number of group members injured.

#### Assist Casters
  • Med early and often -- I set med at 80 and enable med during combat.
  • I have more DPS success when the DPS spells have health levels defined for the enemy.
  • I leverage expensive large dps abilities at the beginning and start using the cheaper lower damaging abilities towards the end to avoid over DPSing.
  • I focus on my enchanter as the predominant magic canellation class for support and the following conditional can be applied to any cancel magic debuff:
Cond1=${Target.ID} && ${Range.Between[50,99:${Target.PctHPs}]} && [Work in progress: Trying to figure out the best check to see if an enemy only has positive buffs and to avoid removing our own debuffs.]

#### DPS Casters
  • Med early and often -- I set med at 80. I've since disabled med during combat as I think it was affecting DPS and mana regen abilities availability has helped.
  • I have more DPS success when the DPS spells have health levels defined for the enemy.
  • I leverage expensive large dps abilities at the beginning and start using the cheaper lower damaging abilities towards the end to avoid over DPSing.
  • For necromancers the Feign Death spell will attempt to be cast as an ability (known bug in KA when spells have the same name as abilities). To get around this, you can use DPS5=command:/cast 1|95|feign where spell gem 1 is where Feign Death is memorized.
  • You may want to have a condition tied to your DPS spells: Cond1=${Me.PctAggro} < 85 -- to slow down DPS and avoid aggro (Suggested by @kaen01)

#### Bards
  • Twisting is the big focus
  • You can set one song to twist while med -- focus on a regen song
  • You can set multiple songs to rez in and out of combat. Just avoid casting damaging songs out of combat.
  • Don't try and twist more than 3-4 songs at any time in any of your twist lines.
  • After your kissassist stop socials also put a /twist stop. Then wait a bit before you do anything as the bard may still be doing a song that will interrupt a call to /relocate (using mq2relocate) or something similar.

#### Ranger DPS
Autofire early:

Use eqmules KA for proper ranged distance but you'll need to turn mq2melee on for it to work right. INI's will change a bit. This is predominantly due to the fact eqmule is forking off an older version of KA that did quite a few things differently. WIth eqmule's KA you actually don't need the above DPS command but what you lose out on is DPSOn=2. What you gain is solid positioning for ranged attacks.

There really is no good way right now to get a ranged ranger to work well and consistently with 11.05 predominantly due to how KA handles stick commands. Mainly it doesn't seem to handle advanced stick commands well via its ini and if mq2melee is enabled it will disable the mq2melee ini stick configuration options.

Don't start your ranger with AutoFireOn. This will allow you greater decision making power for ranger positioning and style based on where you plan to camp.

#### Manual Mode
You've most likely seen manual mode mentioned in a number of streams and videos. This is, generally, the mode for KA you use when you'd like to play one of your characters but have KA help with some aspects in the background. I find it useful to still setup a KA configuration even in manual mode as it allows me to enable automations (i.e., /dpson 2, /meleeon) and have the character play automatically while I make sure the configurations are running properly on the other characters. I can then go back to manual mode as needed.

## Leveling experience
### A note on the test server
As folks routinely discuss, if you play on test, there is pretty much zero economy. If you're a completely brand new player starting on test, it'll take some time to farm up cash to use but buying defiant gear will only cost you a plat per piece, usually. Many times you'll get a lot of great loot for free from other players during giveways. If you're really looking to get money quickly and don't want to rely on folks just dropping you a bunch of plat (I'm sure they will if you ask politely) you can use a character on live as a testcopy mule.

My test copy mule is a 4th level mage on live. I realized I had a decent amount of loyalty tokens so I picked up a month of membership and used them to buy one golden ticket and a bunch of plat bags. I opened all the plat bags and ende dup with a stash of about 150K. I now can use /testcopy to get an infusion of 150K and a gold ticket on test every 8 hours if I need it. I also used this month of live as an opportunity to 6-box on that side when Test is down or I wait for MQ2 to update. Having access to /barter and /baz is rather nice.

### A note on campfires and fellowships
Guide on campfires: http://everquest.fanra.info/wiki/Campfires

Fellowships are a really neat new feature that was added well after I stopped playing. It ends up being a mini-guild for up to 12 people. The best way I think to configure this is all your initial 6-box and then if you start working on a second 6-box, add that. The predominant reason is if you used the Newtoon macro (as discussed above) you'll have a fellowship insignia that will allow you to port back to your fellowship campfire from anywhere in the world. This has two benefits: 1) you can quickly head to a merchant and get back to your group without having to leave a remote camp, 2) if you wipe you can quickly get back to your camp.

To create a fellowship you can quickly open the fellowship window with ctrl+shift+f. Then just click on the name of each of your box group and invite them. At the end you can use a /bcaa //yes command for everyone to quickly accept. Once you have a group added to the fellowship you can create the campfire.

You can create the campfire by going to the camp tab and searching for the available campfires. You can always create the default campfire. Other campfires can be created with ingrediants purchased in PoK but I haven't tried this yet.

The are also opportunities for sharing XP between fellowship members who are online and offline. I'll try this out at some point when I get the next group created.

I tired to perform fellowhsip XP sharing between a group of 55's and a group of 5's and had no luck with the group of 5's gaining vitality. I think I'm going to wait until at least one group is level capped before trying again based on some information read on the forums.

@kaen01 from Discord's suggestion:
Turn on one groups XP sharing at a time and let them fill the bank. Then let the other team spend it!

### Classic EQ Group
Everyone started in Crescent Reach after skipping the tutorial. In the future I will probably see if there's a good Macro way to work through the new area.

#### Levels 1-10
Spent the time in crescent reach better understanding KissAssist and re-learning Everquest. At level 10 I went and bought all the spells I could from the original trainers. I then went to the Plane of Knowledge to pickup 10-slot tinkerer containers and pick up major spells for all my characters.

#### Levels 10 - Reboot
I traveleed to Paludal Caverns via the Shadeweaver's Thicket zone line. Shadeweaver's Thicket is a quick trip via the book in Plane of Knowledge. To reach Paludal Caverns, travel north following the road to roughly -2000,2000. You'll come to an opening of an underground hole. Enter the cavern travelling west, then south, then west, then the first north.

After entering Paludal Caverns via the zone line I traveled to the first Small Phlarg Camp and hunted Phlarg's for a bit.

At this point I ended up re-creating my group as I decided that I wanted to start fresh with a bit more of an aggressive DPS group and also integrate the lessons learned thus far with Kiss assist.

### More Pet focused group

#### Levels 1-15
I went back to CR and this time leveraged far better lower level ini's using my lessons learned. Things moved considerably faster due to efficient ini's but also more dps in the group. I basically kept moving out into the zone as soon as things around me became blue. A couple levels were spent in the puma cave and a couple in the bear cave. I finished going after the skeletons to collect some bone chips and decently sellable loot. Still didn't have quite enough plat for all the spells by the end of this.

After hitting 15 I hopped over to PoK and used pokscribe to pickup spells when possible. I did not have enough plat for all the spells needed but hopefully a bit more leveling will help me flesh those out. Sadly I should have just manually chosen a few important ones at first. Take that as a lesson, if you're plat starved, choose what you figure is most important (pet spells, dps spells, heals, and buffs), then use POKscribe to finish off the rest. I figure this will go away as the plat keeps coming in.

#### Levels 15-24
I've decided to go back to Paludal Caverns but via the shadow haven route. I'm predominantly interested in cash over XP at the moment so this should be a good near term leveling spot until I get all the spells I need.

I stayed at Paludal until level 24. I entered the zone via Shadow Haven twice as I wiped once. There was an issue I had pulling too many bandits, my enchanter ran out of mana for mezzing, and I wiped as the tank. Things went down hill from there. Things became easier as I leveled into my 20s. I still haven't quite perfected single pulls as an Shadow Knight. I used to be a pretty good Rogue puller bag in the day too. Perhaps it will be easier when I get the ability to feign death. By 24 I had enough platinum after selling everything to buy the must have spells for my casters, some 10-slot deluxe toolboxes (find at one of the tinker suppliers in PoK), and a dagger from the Trade server bazaar for my BST so I could dual wield. If ound some nice claws off of one of the bandits I'm using as well.

Leveling has been surprisingly fast as well. This is perhaps the other reason for the money challenges so far though if you're of mind to ask folks on Test for some plat, they'll most likely be obliging. The community is quite supporting.

#### Levels 24-30
I'm still looking for my next leveling spot. My continued goal is to focus on platinum and the ability to gear up my melee characters, especially my tanks, with better armor.

I've decided to hit up Frontier Mountains for 24 on. I wanted to relive my glory days of hill giants. Be careful using /travelto when getting here from PoK. It's going to take you through the dreadlands. I decided to run my group manually instead of assuming the macro will train us through a bunch of nasties. I then slowly made my way to the hill giant fort killing things along the way at safe camps. I was able to take reds up to 28 or 29 without much issue and the next couple levels were quick.

I finished up on hill giants at level 30. I could have kept going but wanted to get some new spells and try and gather some plat. I did get a foreman's tunic that netted about 50pp and that helped greatly with the spell purchase (I sadly had to sell it).

I picked up the Nexus Portal for the wizard when equipping spells this time. I considered it a quick way to get back to POK prior to obtaining its portal spell.

#### Levels 30-35

For levels 30 to 35 I went to the Rathe Mountains and camped hill giants. I was the only one there the whole time. It'll be somewhat challenging at 30 but just camp along the edge of the zone to the east and pull to there. After I got the hang of the pulls, we cleared them quite soundly. We even took down the corrupted and tainted giants in a row. I left at 35 with about 840 in raw plant and quite a bit of fine steel equipment to sell. I even netted a bit of ornate defiant gear.

#### Levels 35-42

I purchased my spells after I received all that plat while leveling. I was able to get all my mus thave spells and attempted pokscribe again. Even with a few hundred plat per casting character it wiped out my bank. I've kept about 70 plat in reserver.
I plan to head to the Cyclops island in OOT. So far I was able to use the transporter in Butcherblock to reach OoT. I had to cast invisibility on my Troll SK in order to sneak past the guards and to the doc. Thankfully the dwarves at the end of the dock are indifferent. I next plan to use levitate and the Shrew Pack Shaman travel spell to quickly get to Cyclops island.
I reached the cyclops island today though sadly had to kill two of the ladies on the island of sisters. I took their purity belts though which I plan to sell. I suggest if you have an 'evil' character (I'm just misunderstood) you remain invisibile. It's a real easy run via a levitated group over to the cyclops island from the translocator gnome so I just suggest buffing up and heading straight there. I used pack shrew for a speed buff but if you still have the totem from the kobold caves then you can use that too. You should have pretty open pickings on the island (I was the only one in zone on test). Just be careful not to pull too many as you can't mezz them! I had a rather longer and mildly embarrasing conversation on Discord about why my enchanter wouldn't mez the cyclopses. Turns out they're probably unmezzable. Woops! They were all reasonable money (though not as good as the hill giants) until my early 40s. I'm still training to earn a cushion of plat for spells as I'd love a point where I can just run PoK Scribe without worrying about costs. Sadly we're not quite there yet but I certainly have enough money to buy the spells I need.

#### 42-49

I tried ice giants in hopes of decent XP and cash but the slow respawns were a bust in Everfrost. I decided to make a long run to Chardok in hopes that'll provide some decent loot and XP. I did do a single HoT quest for level 40 and it was OK. It took a long time to get to the zone for not a ton of XP. I may try the level 45 quest if Chardok becomes too hard. As I look at the money coming in I really should have stayed with the cyclops for longer.

So I tried Chardok for a bit. While it's not too hard I quickly run into resource challenges if I get too far in. It's far too easy to pull multiple mobs and there never seemed to be any decent safe camp spots.

I then tried Skyfire for a bit. Also a rough zone. I think I probably would have been fine if I stopped in one place and pulled to me but I roamed the zone and this ended up causing me a few overwhelming add situations leading to character deaths.

I decided after that, based on some discord suggestions, to try and get back to hill giants so I started at the hill giant fort in Burning Woods. At this point they were blue to light blue so the XP wasn't great but was better than nothing. I was able to tackle hill giants for another level or two before they were just too easy. By this point I was level 48. I thought I may try and take my chances at the Umbral Plains for some decent armor (hard to find defiant gear for sale on test). I made it to the zone right before and noticed the mobs were mostly yellow right at the zone line. They looked like cave men. I fought them until level 49 but the loot was horrible! So far I'm not a big fan of Luclin. At this point I decided to just head to Sebilis.

I went back to PoK and picked up all the portal spells I could afford. 42-49 did not net me very much money so I feel like I'm somewhat underspelled.

#### 49-52

I made my way out to Sebelis and dungeon crawled here for a few hours. It worked out pretty well though I lost my enchanter once due to a bad pull on my part. One of the challenges I find with dungeon zones is I just can't find a decently safe space to camp if I need to take a break. It's really frustrating. I did make some decent money and turned on AA XP share to slow my leveling a bit while the money comes in. I left Sebelis with about 1000pp which should help prep spells further. I noticed leveling slowing down at this point beyond just the AA's but that could also be because if I dungeon crawl I can really only handle blues in case I get too many adds.

#### 52-55

I went to try something different. I portaled to Cobalt Scar, cast levitate on my group, and ran over to Siren's Grotto. This is where I realized I really hate water zones. First, the lesser evacuate will drop you right on top of things that will kill you. This lead to the wipe before I decided to call it quites for the night. Pathing is a bit of a nightmare. I lost my BST because he decided to run off into the water due to me going after some 'stuck' fish on a bridge. The only redeeming aspect of the zone was that it had some pretty decent loot. I couldn't find a really safe spot to camp for the night, thus the evac and then wipe due to crappy zone design.

I made it to the Umbral Plains for a bit to do 52 to 53. It was exceedingly slow. Enemies just had way too much HP and the drops/money weren't amazing as I was stucking hanging out close to the zone lain to keep careful pulls.

53-54 was a slow start through Plane of Hate. I hung out at the portal in from the guild house. It was a lot of fun fighting in this zone but it took forever for the regeneration refresh leading to a lot of down time. Also, word of warning, the spite golems are majorly magic resistent so if you bring a magic heavy group, it's going to be rough. From 54 to 55 I camped in The Deep as it was HoT zone. It's a real dungeon crawl to get to the quest mobs though. I did not qute hit 55 here as I just got tired of dealing with 4 or 5 monster pulls. It was... frustrating.

I finished up 54 to 55 in Qinimi, Court of Nihilia. This was a pretty fun zone. I stayed along the outskirts to camp. Warning, though, the mobs hit HARD but thankfully don't have a ton of HP. XP was decent though loot wasn't that great. It was a neat area and fun to pull for an indoor 'outdoor' zone. Lately leveling has also gone slower as I've portaled back to PoK to get spells every level and then updating the KA .ini's takes time.

#### 55-60
At level 55 I used PoK Scribe ot buy all the spells from 56 to 60 though I didn't have enough bag space on my enchanter and did not get them all. This was a difficult period of leveling for me as I didn't have many good places I saw in terms of HoT zones or general zones for quick leveling. I started with Plane of Valor as I wanted to see something cool that wasn't in the game when I started. This zone had some decent experience and was pretty quiet. The pulls were easy. I quickly had to learn how to use Feign Death to split the frogs in this zone. In this case I pulled one frog with my aggro spell, feigned death, and waited for them to go back to their spawn. When I saw only one frog was left on the extended target list, I'd pop back up from sitting and pull the frog back to the group. If I ended up with two frogs again I'd just keep trying. The downside to Valor is the loot is HORRIBLE.

From level 57 to 60 I went to Veksar. This zone was actually one of the most fun dungeon zones I've been in. For the most part the pulls were very sane (outside the undead slaves and the hands). I was able to pull one at a time no matter how tight the room and if I pulled one thing I didn't have 50,000 others aggro me even as tight as the zone was. This also allowed me some safe spots to camp at the end of a play session without having to leave the zone and fight my way back to where I progressed. I stayed in Veksar from 57 all the way to 60 fighting the undead lizard zombie creatures on the far east side of the map. Loto here was reasonably good and ended up with a few gauntlets that are worth quite a bit of guild tribute. Upon hitting 60 I returned to PoK, bought the rest of my enchanter spells, and then went to my guildhouse to sell my loot. After selling loot I decided to use the 'cskillup' macro to get my casting skills up on all my characters. I noticed my shadowknight was especially bad at Evocation and thus nuking undead.

If you plan to use the cskillup macro on Live. I'd suggest traveling to North Ro, requesting and LDoN instance, and heading there.

#### 60- ???
I plan to take a bit of a hiatus at 60 and work on my epic quests for my characters. I also plan to level up a couple of the other groups. Expect to see either additional posts or extensions to this on my experience boxing epic quests. Most likely I will need to pickup journeyman mercenaries and run two groups for some of the harder fights.

The initial start of the leveling slow down involved a trip to the Western Wastes and fighitng dragons. My goal is to get giant faction in order to get appropriate breast places for the giant armor set. I still haven't figured out how exactly I'm going to sneak-in to the dragon city to finish gathering components given there's a really nasty looking level 70 dragon guarding the entrance. Since then this group has been sitting at the zone-in for Plane of Fire slowly leveling on. This seems like a relatively slow period or perhaps I just have a group that isn't optimized for slaughtering my foes. Moving too far in at this point gives me more adds then I can handle and my enchanter can't keep up with the adds.

### Melee Group

#### Rogue Pulling

In this group I manually played my rogue and performed all the pulling using sneak/hide. After the Ranger picked up fletching I crafted a bow for the rogue and a large number of arrows so that I could pull long distances while maintaining sneak/hide versus just using the throw stone ability. This works particularly well if you have a speed buff (in this case from the bard for short periods) or Journeyman's Boots (easy to obtain if you're 6-boxing and in your 30s). The arrows you make while leveling up Fletching are great for the rogue to use as you're not needing them for any sort of optimized damage.

Reference: https://www.thesafehouse.org/forums...ead-only/2985-book-of-knowledge-sneak-pulling

#### Tradeskills

Picked up fletching on the ranger so he could make his own arrows.

Started with Crescent reach quests to 56 then got my trophy from freeport west (quest here: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/quest.html?quest=3903). Keep the trophy you get as a reward whenever you start skilling up.

Followed these skill-up guides after:

#### 1-15
I spent this time starting with Qeynos and moved to the Karanas. I was hoping for some extra special freeport nostalgia here. I then went on to High Pass Hold at 11 and stayed until 15. I camped the orcs which was pretty fast and furious though I remembered how to split pulls as a rogue. There were a few large pulls but we handled things well.

#### 15-20
From 15 to 20 I went to unrest. I setup a condition so my Paladin would nuke the undead mobs with his mana efficient direct damage. My predominant goal with this was to keep hate though it provides some quick killing. I think I may keep this group following undead zones as it's been fun with the paladin and I can start having the cleric nuke as well when his mana is high.

#### 20-25
I continued a further mainline nostalgia trip by working 20-25 at the Aviak city in South Karana. The server was in a hot zone at the time as well. One of the other things I spent a decent bit of time doing in this one was figuring out the optimal way of setting my Ranger to be able to transfer from ranged damage to melee damage. I found EQMule's KissAssist fork (now called MuleAssist) to work the best here but you must enable mq2melee for it to properly navigate with the modern update of VeryVanilla.

#### 25-41

I started in Lower Guk! I was able to make my way to the bedroom in Lower Guk just fine and could probably have continued down the side with the Minotaur and spiders a little ways before I ran out of spawns to pull that were level appropriate. The big challenge with leveling here and honestly any dungeon on Test, especially at this level, is you're the only one in the zone. This generally means it's up to you to split camps and if they're above mezzing level then you're just out of luck. This tends to be why I've preferred outdoor zones for the most part. I haven't decided I'll make another stab at Lower Guk or not.

I went back to lower guk at 27 and slowly fought my way to the bedroom. The trick to progressing here was adding the undead-targeted direct damage skills to my cleric and making sure the cleric DDed as well as the paladin. We were able to take all 4 ice bones by the time the group was roughly 28. At this point we slowly fought to the bridge pulling 2 or 3 Froglocks at a time. The bard can't seem to mez nearly as well as my enchanter did even at the same level. I just have not been pleased with bard mezzing at this level. Once I dropped off the bridge I had to fight a few more froglocks until I could make a break for the safe hallway. Some of my group died while doing this here and there. Mostly it was the Ranger as I found the mesh in lower guk has some issues with MuleAssist's pathing for rangers (and the mesh has some issues in general). Once I made it to the safe hallways I camped here until 41. While I wanted to go pull the named froglocks, reaching their camp was rather annoying so I just stayed put.

#### 41-48
I'm now attempting to find another undead spot that I haven't really leveled in before to try something new. I leveled a little bit in Karnor's Castle. This was interrupted due to a short play session and a poor choice for a camping spot by water I couldn't really move from. So far I've found KA groups just handle water poorly no matter what I try and do. They fight poorly, if not stupidly, in water, and it's damn impossible to get the group to quickly navigate out of water. This makes it very tense to fight in battle. I've gotten to the point where I try and avoid watever whenever possible. I moved to City of Mist next thinking there'd be some good undead hunting. Sadly, in my early 40s, the juicy targets were just too spotty. I then decided to take on some critters in Burning woods and this lasted until 45. Since then I've been hopping around.

### The Misfits
This group will level a little differently given its being supported by mercenaries. My first initial jump to Firiona Vie proved out the power of a journeyman mercenary. We camped in the house near the deadlines zones and took on 5 spiders at once. My necromancer didn't even have their pet up. later we went to the Lake of Ill Omen to finish up a hot zone quest from Teek. At this point my level 27 group was taking on level 40 named mobs without issue with the mercs help.

#### 1-25
This one was a bit of a cheat: /testbuff

I then setup the spells the way I wanted them. Necromancer was focused on DoTs with the mana transfer. The Warrior is using @ChatWithThisName MQ2War plugin as main tank. It's working quite well so far. I'll post some additional information later in the plugin section above.

#### 25-31

See the note about Firiona Vie and Lake of Ill Omen. Spent a bit of time testing out the spiders and realized the necromancer needed a few bone chips. I hunted a few skeletons in the lake until I had a few bone chips. I then went to finish the initial Blacksmith tradeskill quest on my warrior (I wanted to make javelins for my monk to pull). I settled on trying on Terit's Guide (https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/terits-bad-gear-leveling-guide-wip.1273/). I ended up trying out the Iceclad Ocean and the Eastern Wastes for a bit until I pulled way too many orcs. This was reasonably fun though.

#### 31-35
At this point, with this group, I thought it should be time to try the new leveling path they added with serpent's spine. I wanted to try out some of the newer outdoor zones. Especially as I found Luclin never interested me much. Thus I spent level 35 in the moors in the area of the zone with the treants, giants, and crocodiles. It eas quite fun. At this point everything was a white or yellow con so I decided to move on. Given how powerful mercenaries are at this level it just makes sense fighting deep yellows and reds.

#### 35-???
Moved on to the Mesa! I'm staying near the zone line to fight wolves and some of the dantier creatures. Progressed through the zone based on the level of mobs. Fighting mobs in the low 50s now. The mercs have just made leveling considerably faster than straight six-boxing as they allow for a better handling of stronger enemies at this point.

### FV Live Group
This group consists of a PAL/CLR/ENC/MAG/MAG/WIZ -- I wanted an opportunity for rezzing and healing up the wazoo just in case. I've found I usually need it. I mainly played this group as I had purchased a month's subscription to sell a Krono in order for prepping for /testcopy. After that I decided it's probably best to get my subscription's worth before going back to playing on test.

#### Crescent Reach
I started in Crescent Reach and stayed until closer to 20. I was testing out the pullertank role on the Paladin and pulling animals, undead, and then Nokk undead. One greater thing about playign on FV is you can actually /barter things. Check regularly! I've made quite a bit of plat bartering tradeskill items.

#### Blightfire Moors
I then went to blightfire moors until around 30 or so. I continued to kill wild life as well as gnolls. I finished with the pumas and sold what I could via /barter.

#### Crescent Mesa
I moved to the Mesa until 35. I continued working on wild life as they dropped quite a few tradeskill items that would regularly sell.

#### Ocean of Tears
I was hoping to get Journeyman boots for the team or at least my Paladin as I have no one in the group to grant a longer term speed buff for pulling. Sadly, this did not happen. I had not one ancient cyclops spawn but had a TON of Quag spawns. Alas, no Bard in the group looking for their epic. I stayed here until 44.

#### Nagafen's Lair
Until 47 I worked in Nagafen's Lair taking down Kobolds. While I tried moving farther in, the Giants just had too much magic resistance for this magic dps heavy group. I turned on hunter mode in KA, put the group on chase, and tried out running through and taking down kobolds. This worked out well overall Outside of a couple wipes due to the tank falling into places they shouldn't and KA not always pulling the nearest mob via Nav distance (and instead aggroing a ton of kobolds in between).

#### Burning Wood
I stayed in Burning Wood until 50. I just pulled whatever was handy and pillaged the land.

#### No where particularly good
Up until 53 I've hopped between Blackfeather Roost (the 'Rare's regularly and routinely whipped my butt if I pulled them... it'd probably be easier if I used Mercs) and Dranik's Scar (fine unless I camp somewhere and get 50,000 adds which seems to be a regular occurence. I just have not found a great place at this level to hit my stride. I'm half tempted to go back to level in LDoN instances.

#### Barren Coast
I finally settled on the Barrent coast from roughly 55 to 58. It has relatively weak enemies which seemed to work well for me given non-optimal gearing. It also allowed for easy pulling. I also dropped back to the Mesa for a bit to get another couple slower levels.

#### Sunderrock Springs
I stayed in sunderrock springs fighting basilisks from 60 to 70. I moved camps to higher level basilisks and drakes near the zone as I got closer to levels 66 and 67.

#### Dragonscale Hills
I started here at 70. This is probably one of the busiest zones I've seen and isn't that bad of a leveling spot if there isn't someone attempting to powerlevel someone and taking all the spawns from the farm and nearby areas. I started here at 70. The other nice benefit of this zone is you'll start picking up RK 2 spells from SoF. These are either going to be useful for you or they'll sell for a considerably sum of money to help recoup your leveling costs.

#### Loping Plains
After Dragonscale Hills I moved on to the loping plains. First I started with bears and frogs at the zone entrance. Then I moved to the zombies at the bottom of the cliff pass. Finally I moved down to the alligators in the south east of the zone.

## References
Some of these references were in line above but worth putting all in one place. These also include useful guides I've found that weren't brought up elsewhere.

### Beginner Guides
Make sure you watch these!

### Intermediate Guides

### Leveling Guides

### Farming Guides

### Plugin Guides
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