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Guide Dr. Whom Ph.D's Nostalgia Quest Guide (MQ2 and Kissassist for the New Returner)

Much belated update as much of my time has been focusing on the macro side of things.

- Updated information for a few plugins that were in progress
- Updated a bit of leveling information for the Live group.
- Fixed some syntax errors in the config section.
- Updated the live leveling gorup section
- Added some placeholders for new plugins I've been using or want to use
- Added in section for IHCMercs
- Updated mq2autologin and isboxer instructions.
- Added info about my FV leveling experience
- Updated some CFG related information
- Added some information about using ISBoxer -- minimal.
- Added additional Bardswap Ini information
- Added mq2war information
- Added mq2eqwire information
- Added leveling update for the magic DPS group -- pet extravaganza
- Added leveling update for the melee DPS group
- Added leveling update for the misfits group
- Added a necro-focused ini entry to mq2autoloot
Updated melee group leveling from 27 to 41.
Added levels 55-60 for the magic DPS/pet focused group.
- Added leveling for my melee focused group up until current
- Added leveling for the 'misfits' group up until current
- Added discussions of rogue pulling and tradeskills as part of my leveling
- Added additional placeholders for mq2war and mq2relocate
- Added additional KissAssist ini suggestions for Rangers (bow-based), Paladins/Clerics
- Added my relevant eqclient.ini settings
- Mild update to mq2autoforage
- Added some additional general KissAssist ini suggestions.
Minor fix of my preferred settings in mq2aaspend.
- Added level sections through level 55.
- Added some KissAssist INI tips learned on the way.
- Updated information under the autoloot plugin.
- Added some new plugin information.
- Added leveling information through 42
- Added a few more plugins and macros used
- Added additional ini information

Still to come:
My ini best practices with sample ini entries