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Combat Assist MQ2Rogue 2021-11-17

Software Requirements
Redguides Level 2 membership to access up to date Macroquest2 from --Redguides ONLY--
MQ2Nav (included with VV)
MQ2MoveUtils (included with VV)
Server Type
Live, TLP, Test Server

2019 ESA Winner
Q.)Why a rogue?
A.)Maybe you already have one that is collecting dust. Maybe you need a character that can move around unhindered with SoS. Maybe you just want something that will automatically retrieve the puller's corpse if they die while pulling. Maybe you need more synergy. Maybe this is your main and you're just tired of hitting buttons 90000 times and want something that hits the right buttons in the right order every time.

MQ2Rogue UI Window as of Jan 01 2021

Some PASSIVE AA's to look into:
Weighted Strikes - Increases Minimum dmg with 1h melee attacks.
Virulent Venom - Increases proc frequency.
Pernicious Backstab - Increased Minimum Damage for backstab.
Massive Strike - Chance to proc Massive Strike/Flurry of Daggers
Intimidation - Starting at rank 2 - 5% dmg from backstabs per rank.
Etherium Strikes - Chance to proc Strike Fury (reduces weapon dly by percentage)
Backstab Precision - Increases accurcy of backstab attacks.
Assassin's Wrath - Increases the base damage of critical backstabs (like Veteran's Wrath, but for backstabs)
Assassin's Weapon Mastery - Increases dmg you deal with 1-h melee weapons by percentage
Anatomy - This is the rogue's "Decap" type ability, believe it "Assassinates" targets. But either way, massive dmg on mobs as a proc, must be humanoid.
Rake's Powerful Aim - Throwing Attack base dmg %
Rake's Deadly Aim - Throwing Attack accuracy

Weapon Affinity - Increased chance to trigger weapon's magical effects (does this apply to poisons?)
Veteran's Wrath - Increases the base dmg of critical melee attacks
Twinstrike - Chance to twin cast combat abilities that cost at least 10 endurance
Strikethrough - Strikethrough opponents active defenses, such as dodge/block/riposte
Ingenuity - Chance for critical Direct Dmg procs.
Enhanced Aggression - Increased max atk from items
Empowered Ingenuity - Increases dmg dealt by critical Direct Damage and Damage over time spells (poison's/DD Procs)
Combat Fury - Chance to perform critical hit with all skills.
Burn of Power - Increases chance to perform a double attack, your triple atk skill cap, and performing flurry of attacks.
Ambidexterity - chance to successfully dual weild, allows offhand weapon to utilize part of dmg bonus, and makes offhand immune to damage shields and riposte
Heightened Endurance - Improved Endurance Regen.
Killing Spree - gives killing blows a chance to trigger killing spree - which instantly restores endurance and increase base melee dmg by 30%
Knave's Return Strike - increases chance to riposte incoming attacks ~~~~

Blackguard's Synergy - chance to trigger a blessing on the party which lasts 18 seconds that allows next 3 skill attacks to strike for XX,000 damage.
and pretty much everything else...but Synergy is a nice one for both you and ADPS
0=Combat Fury|M
1=Veteran's Wrath|M
2=Burst of Power|M
6=Weapon Affinity|M
7=Backstab Precision|M
10=Etherium Strikes|M
11=Assassin's Weapon Mastery|M
12=Assassin's Wrath|M
13=Pernicious Backstab|M
14=Virulent Venom|M
15=Massive Strike|M
16=Blackguard's Synergy|M
17=Improved Onslaught|M
18=Improved Thief's Eyes|M
19=Improved Twisted Chance Discipline|M
20=Improved Frenzied Stabbing Discipline|M
21=Improved Fatal Aim Discipline|M
22=Focus: Jugular Hack|M
23=Focus: Hack|M
24=Focus: Reefcrawler Blade|M
25=Extended Easy Mark|M
26=Extended Aspbleeder Discipline|M
27=Hastened Swiftblade|M
28=Hastened Pinpoint|M

//Timer -1: Conditioned Reflexes
Level 97 "Conditioned Reflexes"

//Timer -1: Theif's Vision/Eye
Level 96 "Thief's Vision"
Level 68 "Theif's Eye"

//TimerNeg1 - Shadow Hunter's Dagger
Level 102 "Shadow-Hunter's Dagger"

//Timer -1 Not Currently used:
Level 96 "Blinding Blaze"
Level 91 "Blinding Gleam"
Level 86 "Blinding Glare"
Level 81 "Blinding Spark"
Level 76 "Blinding Flare"
Level 71 "Blinding Flash"

//Timer 1:
Level ??? "Slash" (ToV)
Level 108 "Slice"
Level 103 "Hack"
Level 98 "Gash"
Level 93 "Lacerate"
Level 88 "Wound"
Level 83 "Bleed"

//Timer 2 - Not currently Implemented:
Level 99 "Agile-Footed Discipline"
Level 97 "Spell Evasion Discipline"
Level 94 "Quick-Footed Discipline"
Level 89 "Fleet-Footed Discipline"
Level 74 "Lithe Discipline"
Level 72 "Spelldodge Discipline"
Level 55 "Nimble Discipline"
Level 53 "Counterattck Discipline"

//Executioner - Timer 3:
Level 100 "Executioner Discipline"
Level 95 "Eradicator's Discipline"
Level 75 "Assassin Discipline"
Level 59 "Duelist Discipline"
Level 57 "Kinesthetics Discipline"

//TwistedChance - Timer 4:
Level 65 "Twisted Chance Discipline"
Level 54 "Deadeye Discipline"

//Timer5 - ProcBuff
Level 97 "Weapon Covenant"
Level 92 "Weapon Bond"
Level 87 "Weapon Affiliation"

//FrenziedStabbing - Timer 6:
Level 70 "Frenzied Stabbing Discipline"

//Timer 7: - Being Added
Level ??? "Bushwack" (ToV)
// Level 106 "Lie in Wait"
// Level 101 "Surprise Attack"
// Level 96 "Beset"
// Level 91 "Accost"
// Level 86 "Assail"
// Level 81 "Ambush" (Out of Combat Only)
// Level 76 "Waylay" (Out of Combat Only)

//XBlade - Timer 8:
Level ??? "Drachnid Blade" (ToV)
Level 108 "Skorpikis Blade"
Level 103 "Reefcrawler Blade"
Level 98 "Asp Blade"
Level 93 "Toxic Blade"

//FellStrike - Timer 9:
Level ??? "Blitzstrike" (ToV)
Level 110 "Fellstrike"
Level 105 "Barrage"
Level 100 "Incursion"
Level 95 "Onslaught"
Level 90 "Battery"
Level 85 "Assault"
Level 5 "Elbow Strike"
Level 1 "Throw Stone"

//Not Currently Implemented - Still need to work out some logic for these. - Timer 9
// Level 83 "Vigorous Dagger-Throw"
// Level 80 "Swiftblade"
// Level 70 "Razorarc"
// Level 69 "Assassin's Feint"
// Level 69 "Daggerfall"
// Level 65 "Ancient: Chaos Strike"
// Level 65 "Kyv Strike"
// Level 63 "Assassin's Strike"
// Level 61 "Rogue's Ploy"
// Level 52 "Thief's Vengeance"
// Level 20 "Sneak Attack"

//Pinpoint - Timer 10:
Level ??? "Pinpoint Defects" (ToV)
Level 109 "Pinpoint Shortcomings"
Level 99 "Pinpoint Deficiencies"
Level 94 "Pinpoint Liabilities"
Level 89 "Pinpoint Flaws"
Level 84 "Pinpoint Vitals"
Level 79 "Pinpoint Weaknesses"
Level 74 "Pinpoint Vulnerability"

// Timer 11: Not Using these currently!!
Level ??? "Cozen" (ToV)
// Level 109 "Diversion"
// Level 104 "Disorientation"
// Level 99 "Deceit"
// Level 94 "Delusion"
// Level 92 "Distraction"
// Level 89 "Misdirection"

//Puncture - Timer 12:
Level 109 "Vexatious Puncture"
Level 104 "Disassociative Puncture"

//EndRegen - Timer 13:
Level 101 "Breather"
Level 96 "Rest"
Level 91 "Reprieve"
Level 86 "Respite"
Level 82 "Fourth Wind"
Level 77 "Third Wind"
Level 72 "Second Wind"

//REdge - Timer 14:
Level 107 "Ragged Edge Discipline"
Level 92 "Razor's Edge Discipline"

//AspDisc - Timer 15:
Level ??? "Chelicerea Discipline" (ToV)
Level 109 "Aculeus Discipline"
Level 104 "Arcwork Discipline"
Level 99 "Aspbleeder Discipline"

//Aim - Timer 16:
Level 98 "Knifeplay Discipline"
Level 98 "Fatal Aim Discipline"
Level 68 "Deadly Aim Discipline"

//Mark - Timer 17:
Level ??? "Naive Mark" (ToV)
Level 106 "Dim-Witted Mark"
Level 101 "Wide-Eyed Mark"
Level 96 "Gullible Mark"
Level 91 "Simple Mark"
Level 86 "Easy Mark"

//Jugular - Timer 18:
Level ??? "Jugular Cut" (ToV)
Level 107 "Jugular Strike"
Level 102 "Jugular Hack"
Level 97 "Jugular Lacerate"
Level 92 "Jugular Gash"
Level 87 "Jugular Sever"
Level 82 "Jugular Slice" (Out of combat only)
Level 77 "Jugular Slash" (Out of combat only)

//Phantom - Timer 19:
Level 100 "Phantom Assassin"

//SecretBlade - Timer 20:
Level 109 "Secret Blade"
Level 104 "Hidden Blade"
Level 99 "Holdout Blade"

//Alliance - Timer 21
Level 108 "Poisonous Covenant"
Level 102 "Poisonous Alliance"

//Dicho/Dissident Weapons - Timer 22 - The order of selection based on power of the disc.
Level 106 "Dissident Weapons"
Level 101 "Dichotomic Weapons"

"Dissident Weapon Effect 6"
"Dissident Weapon Effect 5"

"Dissident Weapon Effect 4"
"Dichotomic Weapon Effect 6"

"Dichotomic Weapon Effect 5"
"Dissident Weapon Effect 3"

"Dichotomic Weapon Effect 4"
"Dissident Weapon Effect 2"

"Dichotomic Weapon Effect 3"
"Dissident Weapon Effect 1"

"Dichotomic Weapon Effect 1"
"Dichotomic Weapon Effect 2"

"Nightshade, Blade of Entropy"
First release
Last update
4.95 star(s) 20 ratings

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Latest updates

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  2. 20211020

    - Fixed potential character select crash. - Added "/rog debugcorpse on" -- it...
  3. 08/13/2021

    - Will no longer use FellStrike, if your fellstrike ability is "elbow strike" and you are over...

Latest reviews

great plugins i have on all my toons but is there a way to save my settings in the new interface on each class , so i do not have to keep turning melee off on my ench and clr ? thx
Fantastic plugin!
great plugin, out of the box go getter!
Is there a way for the plugin to accept auto rez?
This plugin made me create 2 more rogues. Boxing a rogue has always been tough until now. Thanks!
Love the plugin. Just watched the video on it too. Very helpful.
Right out of the box this left my INI in the dust DPS wise. Only needed to set up the poisons and he was golden. Great plugin.
Keep up the great work.
My level 110 non-prestige geared, non-max AA, FTP, no augments of any sort, including weapon-augs, rogue averaged 176K DPS over the course of killing 215 mobs in FM. He assisted flawlessly and did everything I would expect from a botted rogue. Very happy with this plugin.