Multibox a full group with KissAssist. Heal, tank, DPS, and configure as needed to find the winning strategy.

Complete Control

Broadcast commands to any character from your main account, so you can focus on playing rather than window switching.


Very Vanilla (our version of MacroQuest2) is made safe by blocking cheats and hacks, and runs only on multi-boxing servers. Stay at your keyboard, respect others, and have fun without worry.

Easy Setup

Our tools are designed for new users. Watch our setup tutorial, pick out your spells and play.

Auto Login

Manage your EverQuest accounts and automatically log them in

Path Finding

Easyfind will run your character(s) to anything in the find window, including zones

Target Info

Distance, line-of-sight and placeholder details displayed directly on the target

Bazaar Pricing

Automatically price your bazaar items based on the competition

Spawn Alerts

Waiting on a spawn? Get an audio, visual, or even email alert when it pops

Hundreds more!

From DPS meters to mapping applications, we maintain hundreds of add-ons for EverQuest. Look through the resource manager for a more complete list

Strategies & Community

Want to multi-box a tough mission, such as Talendor? We have a guide on that.

Our community-maintained leveling guide will take your group from level 1 to 110 and beyond.

If you get stuck we're always here to answer questions, don't be shy!


We accept credit cards, Paypal, and even Krono. You may be granted free Level 2 access by community members through the "RedCent" program.



Access to level 1 sections

Download public add-ons

Participate to earn level 2




Full access to RedGuides

Billed monthly

Cancel anytime


Best Seller



Full access to RedGuides

Billed every 3 months

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Full access to RedGuides

Billed yearly

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