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Utility MQ2Twist 2.0

Other Authors
Koad, CyberTech, Cr4zyb4rd, Pheph, Simkin, MinosDis, dewey2461, htw, gSe7eN, eqmule, plure
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MQ2Twist - This plugin assists with the twisting of bard songs.
SYNTAX for MQ2Twist


/twist # # # # #
Twists the songs/items in the order specified (up to 10 can be specified).
Valid options are 1 thru NUM_SPELL_GEMS (EQData.h) for song gems, and 21 thru 29 for item clicks. These may be mixed in any order, and repeats are allowable. If a song is specified with a duration longer than standard (eg. Selo's Accelerating Chorus), that song will be twisted in based on it's duration. For example, riz+mana+selos

would be a 2 song twist with selos pulsed every 2.5 min.

/twist once # # # # #
Twists in songs once the order given, then reverts back to original twist

/twist hold #
Pause twisting and sing only the specified song

/twist stop/end/off
Stop twisting, does not clear the twist queue

/twist or /twist start
Resume the twist after using /twist hold or /twist stop

/twist reset
Reset timers for item clicks and long duration songs

/twist delay #
Specify the delay to be used before starting a new song (in 10ths of a second). The minimum is 30, default is 33

/twist adjust #
How early to recast long duration songs (in ticks)

/twist reload
Reload the INI file to update item clicks

/twist slots
List the slots/items defined in the INI and their item numbers

/twist quiet
Toggles songs listing and start/stop messages for one-shot twists

Alias for /twist hold

Alias for /twist stop


Rich (BB code):
/twist 1           Sing gem 1 forever
/twist 1 2 3       Twist gems 1,2, and 3 forever
/twist 1 2 3 10    Twist gems 1,2,3, and clicky 10, forever
/twist hold 4      Sing gem 4 forever, until another singing-related /twist command is given
/sing 4            Same as above

/twist set 16 32 120 "Cassindra's Chorus of Clarity" AA

Rich (BB code):
 Set Click_16 to CastTime=32, ReCastTime=120, Name="Cassindra's Chorus of Clarity", Slot=AA ; and save to INI

INI File:

Rich (BB code):
Delay=32                 Delay between twists (in 10ths of a second). Lag & System dependant.
Adjust=1                 This defines  how many ticks before the 'normal'
                         recast time to cast a long song.

Long songs are defined as songs greater than 3 ticks in length. If set to 1 tick, and a song lasts 10 ticks, the song will be recast at the 8 tick mark, instead of at the 9 tick mark as it normally would.

Rich (BB code):
[Click_21] through [Click_29]
CastTime=30              Casting Time, -1 to use the normal song delay
ReCastTime=0             How often to recast, 0 to twist normally.
Name="Fife of Battle"    Item name for /itemnotify
Slot=neck                Slot name for /itemnotify

Delay, CastTime and ReCastTime are specified in 10ths of a second (so 10 = 1 second)
The INI file allows you to specify items by name (with Name=<itemname>), or by inventory slot (with Slot=<slotname>).
If both a Name and Slot are defined for an item, the plugin will attempt to swap the item into that slot using the /exchange command. After casting, it will replace the original item.
If only Name or Slot are specified, "/itemnotify Slot rightmouseup" is used to perform item clicks.

item click method
Rich (BB code):
MQ2Twist uses /itemnotify slotname rightmouseup to perform item clicks.

Rich (BB code):
 The INI file allows you to specify items by name (with name=itemname), or by
      inventory slot (with slot=slotname).  If both a name and slot are defined for an
      item, the plugin will attempt to swap the item into that slot (via the /exchange
      command) and replace the original item when casting is complete.
      The example INI file below contains examples of the types of usage.

ini file example
Rich (BB code):

            ;Shadowsong cloak
            Name=Shadowsong Cloak

            ;girdle of living thorns (current belt will be swapped out)
            Name=Girdle of Living Thorns

            ;nature's melody

            ;lute of the flowing waters
            Name=Lute of the Flowing Waters

            ;lute of the flowing waters
            Name=Cassindra's Chorus of Clarity

         [Click_26] ... [Click_30]
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  1. fixes for hidedocommand and hopefully useitem

    1. Fixed MQ2Twist after the changes to HideDoCommand(...) on 12/2/19 2. Hopefully fixed the...