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Utility MQ2Log

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Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
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Wiki Manual
MQ2Log - Plugin writes all mq2 chat window output to your MQ2 folder /logs/servername_charname.log.

It will create the logs folder if you not have one. Command toggle is
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/mlog on|off
Saves toggle setting to log file under servername_charname.ini in the root mq2 directory.
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Full commands,
/mlog [on|off]Turns MacroQuest logging on or off, default is a toggle.
/mqlogclean [clear]Outputs macro log without timestamp
/mqlogcustom <filename> <"message">Adds the "message" to Logs\Custom_File_Name_Here.Log (Mostly used by macro writers for debugging purposes)
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  1. 20230219

    〰️Commits Update for v143 Addresses https://github.com/macroquest/macroquest/issues/635...
  2. 20230211

    〰️Commits - Replace fopen with _fsopen (b46d3ea) - Merge branch '_fsopen' into 'master'...
  3. Update MQ2Log.cpp. Added log command with custom file name selection.

    Added /mqlogcustom Custom_File_Name_Here "Log message goes here" Adds to...