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Combat Assist MQ2BerZerker 2019-03-24

Ready to unlock your berserker's potential?




Automatically detects use of tomes and updates your abilities being used accordingly.

Tired of setting things up? Want you berserker to just know what abilities to use and when?

The above parses are done using the new plugin MQ2BerZerker that I've been working on. It's not done yet. But it's getting there. So this resource isn't currently available for user consumption. But will be in the near future. Right now I'm wanting to build the hype so you're ready when berserkers far and wide get their hands on this and make your other DPS classes look like they're medding through all the fights.

Right now I've nearly completed the "Manual mode" which simply does DPS things when attack is on, and downtime things when attack is off. Great for running it with a blank kiss assist INI with MQ2Melee off.

Future plans will be to add an Auto assist mode and a chase assist mode.

In it's current alpha state this plugin has only a few user commands. But you can just turn on attack and watch your target get vaporized.







Thank you to current testers.
Both will receive free access to this plugin for the life of the plugin.

Thank you to @ihc385 for educating me a while back on some of the things my berserker was missing and why I should and shouldn't use some abilities. Without his understanding of the berserker class and his macro this plugin likely would not be be here.
He too will get free access to the plugin if he wants it.

And as always, a big thanks to @Redbot and Redguides as a whole. Without you I wouldn't have the drive to code.

What discs it uses, and what level are they.

Timer: 1
Bloodlust Aura - Level 70
Aura of Rage - Level 55

Cry Carnage - Level 98
Cry Havoc - Level 68

Ritual Scarification - Level 106
Open Wound - 96
Bloodfury AA (Not on Disc Timer) once obtained if no Limiter found.

Timer: 2
Mangling Volley - Level 109
Demolishing Volley - Level 104
Brutal Volley - Level 99
Sundering Volley - Level 94
Savage Volley - Level 89
Eradicator's Volley - Level 84
Decimator's Volley - Level 79
Annihilator's Volley - Level 74
Destroyer's Volley - Level 69
Rage Volley - Level 61

Timer: 3
Cleaving Acrimony Discipline - Level 86
Cleaving Anger Discipline - Level 65

Timer: 4
Brutal Discipline - Level 100
Sundering Discipline - Level 95
Berserking Discipline - Level 75
Burning Rage Discipline - Level 60
Blind Rage Discipline - Level 58
Focused Fury Discipline - Level 57
Cleaving Rage Discipline - Level 54
Inspired Anger Discipline - Level 53

Timer: 5
Q: Why is there no timer 5?!
A: Because timer 5 deals with Resistences, spell mitigation, fearless etc and there's no easy way for me to know when that is needed. Additionally, it's an active Disc and I want that to do DPS, not defense.

Timer: 6
Avenging Flurry Discipline - Level 89
Vengeful Flurry Discipline - Level 70

Timer: 7
Smoldering Rage - Level 107
Bubbling Rage - Level 102
Festering Rage - Level 98

Timer: 8
Sapping Strikes - Level 103

Timer: 9
Ancient: Cry of Chaos - Level 65
Battle Cry of the Mastruq - Level 65
War Cry of Dravel - Level 64
Battle Cry of Dravel - Level 57
War Cry - Level 50
Battle Cry - Level 30

CheapShot: //Not currently used
Sucker Punch - Level 107
Kick in the Shins - Level 102
Punch in the Throat - Level 97
Kick in the Teeth - Level 92
Slap in the Face - Level 87

Timer: 10
Mangling Axe Throw - Level 108
Axe of the Mangler - Reagent

Demolishing Axe Throw - Level 103
Axe of the Demolisher - Reagent

Brutal Axe Throw - Level 98
Spirited Axe Throw - Level 93
Energetic Axe Throw - Level 88
Vigorous Axe Throw - Level 83

Timer: 11
Bolstered Frenzy - Level 109
Amplified Frenzy - Level 104
Augmented Frenzy - Level 99
Steel Frenzy - Level 95
Fighting Frenzy - Level 90
Combat Frenzy - Level 85
Battle Frenzy - Level 80

Timer: 12
Mangling Frenzy - Level 106
Demolishing Frenzy - Level 101
Vanquishing Frenzy - Level 96
Conquering Frenzy - Level 91
Overwhelming Frenzy - Level 86
Overpowering Frenzy - Level 81

Timer: 13
Breather - Level 101
Rest - Level 96
Reprieve - Level 91
Respite - Level 86
Fourth Wind - Level 82
Third Wind - Level 77
Second Wind - Level 72

Timer: 14
Shared Ruthlessness - Level 110
Shared Cruelty - Level 105
Shared Viciousness - Level 100
Shared Savagery - Level 95
Shared Brutality - Level 90
Shared Bloodlust - Level 85

Timer: 15
Frenzied Resolve Discipline - Level 94

Proactive Retaliation - Level 106
Prior Retaliation - Level 101
Advanced Retaliation - Level 96
Early Retaliation - Level 91

Timer: 16
Arcslice - Level 104
Arcblade - Level 99

Vicious Cycle - Level 107
Vicious Cyclone - Level 102
Vicious Spirtal - Level 97

Timer: 17
Axe of Empyr - Level 107
Axe of the Mangler - Reagent(No Expend)

Axe of the Aeons - Level 102
Axe of the Demolisher - Reagent(No Expend)

Axe of Zurel - Level 100
Axe of Illdaera - Level 95
Axe of Graster - Level 90
Axe of Rallos - Level 85

Timer: 18
Conditioned Retaliation - Level 97

Timer: 19
Phantom Assailant - Level 100

Timer: 20
Mangler's Covenant - Level 110
Demolisher's Alliance - Level 105

Timer: 21
Disconcerting Discipline - Level 104

Timer: 22
Dissident Rage: Level 106
Axe of the Mangler - Reagent

Dichotomic Rage - Level 101
Axe of the Demolisher - Reagent
Server Type
Live, TLP, Test Server
Digital product
License duration
1 Years
Renewal price
20.00 USD
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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    New LIVE and TEST versions of the plugin. Includes the added Chase and Assist modes (/zerk mode...
  2. Fixes and feature improvements

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Latest reviews

I've been helping test this thing for a couple days and every update this thing gets smoother and smoother. And fair disclaimer, I am using this plugin at zero cost to me (hopefully I am giving my value in feedback and testing and suggestions) - so I may sound a little biased, but dude, I am seriously hyped.

As i've said a few times around here recently - I've only been back to eq for just around a month, maybe 5 weeks, and chat and a few others convinced me to start a zerker in my main group - which was awesome. Huge dps after getting a decent .ini setup. Much of my frustration with it was that I knew nothing about zerkers and all I want it to do is maximum dps - that is what it was born to do, all the deeps and no utility (as zerkers are pure deeps). This plugin is doing over 25%+ more dps over long periods of time vs my .ini and doing some crazy mega dps on nameds - doing 500-600k+ on named fights of a minute+ --- this is nutty for me. This is certainly not a knock on the other macros available on this site, this is more of a knock on my class knowledge and the barrier that lack of knowledge was holding on my ability to put a new class to work.

In fact, the accessibility of such good dps from a zerker which had zero (not even autogrant) AA and was 105, 30 days ago has me rethinking my entire approach to EverQuest and to MQ2.

I've mained a necro since 2000 (my nec was made in 2001 after using a nec I made on a friends account) and this has me second guessing what I am going to do in the future - I made a heroic Zerker on that account yesterday! lol

Considering I went from zero knowledge about zerkers to using this getting the results I am getting, I'm pretty excited to say the least. (except that my main is a pile of poop)

I also really appreciate how approachable and how reachable Chat is when it comes to suggestions or usage.