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Utility Summon SNACKS 1.32

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Red Guides Discord -- lots of input
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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test
This macro is a very simple macro that you would run on a Magician. If I expanded the logic you could certainly run it on a Cleric or any other character that can summon food and drink. The magician will summon food and drink for each member of the group and hand it to them.

Limitation: Does not take into account fizzles. Assumes your group is spread out enough so that trades can work.

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Latest updates

  1. Minor bug fix

    /exit != /end
  2. Bug/Reliability Fix

    Reworked contribution from base version 1.3 for reliability and style. Reduced SLOC.
  3. Summon Snacks - MethodX Contributions

    Added MethodX's contributions for summoning on TLPs.