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Utility MQ2BardSwap 1.1

Other Authors
Cr4zyb4rd, eqmule
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
MQ2BardSwap - This plugin attempts to retrieve the current song from MQ2Twist and if that TLO exists, it will swap the appropriate instrument into your primary or second slot.

Rich (BB code):
Horn=/exchange 68773 13                                     instrument swapping using ITEMID and SLOTID
Drum=/exchange "Illdaera's Steel Drum" mainhand                    Can use mainhand or offhand for each instrument
Lute=/exchange "Bassy Mandola of Tsepir" mainhand
Weapons=/exchange "Worn Iksar Cleaver" mainhand
;instruments don't have an effect on these
exclude1=Requiem of Time
exclude2=Selo's Rhythm of Speed
exclude3=Selo`s Assonant Strane
exclude4=Song of Sustenance
exclude5=Alenia`s Disenchanting Melody
;no swap for my Composers Greaves click please
exclude6=Selo`s Accelerating Chorus
;or lute of the flowing waters click
exclude7=Wind of Marr
Rich (BB code):
/bardswap - Toggle swapping on and off.
/bardswap melee - Toggle using "Melee swap" delay.
Slot ID's
Rich (BB code):
13= Mainhand
14= Offhand
First release
Last update
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