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Utility MQ2EasyFind

Other Authors
eqmule, brainiac, Knightly, Kazadoom_32
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Wiki Manual

2019, 2021 (x2), 2023 ESA Winner
EasyFind is a plugin that helps get you around EverQuest, and while the heavy lifting and actual character movement is provided by the Nav plugin, EasyFind tells it where to go.

EasyFind provides two main categories of functionality:
  1. Finding locations in the current zone.
  2. Navigating to other zones.
You can interact with this plugin in the following ways:
  • Ctrl+click on items in the Find window (opens with Ctrl+F by default)
  • The /easyfind command - find locations in the current zone
  • The /travelto command - travel to another zone
You can also access settings for EasyFind through /mqsettings

/easyfind [search term] | group [command] | stop | reload | ui | migrate | nav [nav command]Finding locations in the current zone.
/travelto [zonename] | [zonename] @ [easyfind command] | group [command] | activate | stop | dumpFind a route to the specified [zonename] (short or long name) and then follow it.
Source Repository
[git] Automation options?
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4.83 star(s) 6 ratings

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  1. 04/16/2024

    Bug Fixes 🐛 - Corrects Natimbi to Nedaria's Landing keyword (#108) (22e0483) ~John 〰️Commits...
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    Bug Fixes 🐛 Fixed zone connection from mischiefplane to cobaltscar (#106) * fixed zone...
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Latest reviews

Once your meshes are updated, this plugin is a core part of the QOL enhancements that MQ2 provides to EQ.
Makes life that much easier....
love love ty eqmule
Exceptional plugin. Fantastic for coding macro's with multiple zones, or for traveling even to a vendor in the same zone. It does use the Zone Guide to travel. I am just waiting to see if we can get a toggle for the /beep that happens when you hit activate. Other than that I can't think of anything about that that could make this any better!

Very thankful for the option to make adjustments to an INI for zone lines or POK stones etc. The name of the plugin says it all, it's sooooo easy!
Would be perfect if able to invoke the Zone Guide feature from command, e.g. /bcga //zoneguide "The Plane of Knowledge"