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Utility MQ2TargetInfo 1.0

Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.

Distance, line of sight and place holder info directly on target


New buttons for your group window. Mimic me, come to me, follow me, and a handy hot button you can set to whatever slot you wish (drag the button to set).

Simply load the plugin
/plugin mq2targetinfo



/groupinfo help

display help screen and current setting status

/groupinfo show/hide mimicme

will show or hide the mimicme button

/groupinfo show/hide distance

will show or hide the distance display

/groupinfo show/hide hot

will show or hide the hot button

/groupinfo show/hide followme

will show or hide the followme button

/groupinfo show/hide cometome

will show or hide the cometome button

Change button location:
GroupWindow Button locations are configurable in mq2targetinfo.ini (reload the plugin to apply)
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Latest updates

  1. 20181108

    You can now set UsePerCharSettings=1 if you want that in MQ2TargetInfo.ini. 0 is default and...
  2. New commands & configurable locations

    Added a /groupinfo command to hide/show buttons on the group window Usage: /groupinfo help...
  3. 20181022

    Added some more good stuff to mq2targetinfo - EqMule