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Utility MQ2TargetInfo

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2018 ESA Winner

Distance, line of sight and place holder info directly on target


New buttons for your group window. Mimic me, come to me, follow me, and a handy hot button you can set to whatever slot you wish (drag the button to set).

Load the plugin
/plugin mq2targetinfo

/targetinfo [perchar | distance | info | placeholder | sight | reset | reload] [on|off]Toggle settings on the targetinfo plugin

Display Customization:

GroupWindow Button locations are configurable in mq2targetinfo.ini (/groupinfo reload to apply)

Customize commands, texts and tooltips are displayed for the "Follow Me" and "Come to Me" buttons.
Default entries are:
    ComeToMeText=Come To Me
    ComeToMeCommand=/bcg //nav id ${Me.ID}
    ComeToMeToolTip=/bcg //nav id ${Me.ID}
    FollowMeText=Follow Me
    FollowMeCommand=/bcg //afollow spawn ${Me.ID}
    FollowMeeToolTip=/bcg //afollow spawn ${Me.ID}
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Latest updates

  1. TargetInfo split into three plugins

    Split MQ2TargetInfo into individual window components MQ2TargetInfo deals with the target...
  2. Mar 18 2019 by EqMule

    - Added Make Me Leader to mq2targetinfo rightclick on group member menu
  3. Dec 03 2018 by eqmule

    - Added /groupinfo mimicme on|off - it will do what the button does but from commandline - Added...