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Unmaintained MQ2Reward 1.0

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For those who have ben trying to use the /notify with the rewards window you will have noticed what a PITA it is.

The problem with the window is the fact that the number of tabs are dynamic. The tab template in the XML is actually nothing mmore then a class definition and is left blank in the client to be used as a template. Copies of this window are spawned off and added to the tab window as needed. Once created they remain in memory until the UI is reloaded.

To get around this oddness I have thrown together this plugin so we have basic functionality. I wanted to add an ini based list to identify the task and the preffered reward, but there is not currently a way to identify the task/reward combo to enable this (missing an offset to read the tab text).

This plugin adds the command
/reward <optionNumber>
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