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Utility MQ2EQWire 2019-12-07

Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server

A RedGuides exclusive plugin
MQ2EQWire lowers CPU and GPU usage for EverQuest when it's running in the background without affecting in-game performance. FPS limiters claim to do something similar, such as the one included in EverQuest's options -> display -> advanced as well as MQ2FPS, but they also reduce response and action times of clients running in the background. MQ2EQWire entirely stops EverQuest's draw call, meaning the graphics won't update when running in the background, but the game will respond as normal.

It can be used in conjunction with an FPS limiter for maximum CPU reduction, or on its own for maximum performance with a slight effect on CPU reduction.

Download the zip file and extract it to your /Release folder.
Once in-game, type /plugin mq2eqwire
IMPORTANT: You will need to re-download it after every patch or you'll crash.


/plugin mq2eqwire

Load MQ2EQWire

/plugin mq2eqwire unload

Unload MQ2EQWire

/wire help

Command List

/wire BGRenderRate #

Set the background render rate. E.g. /wire BGRenderRate 0

/wire statuson

Show "now in front" & "now in back" messages

/wire statusoff

Hide "now in front" & "now in back" messages

/wire debugon

Show debug messages

/wire debugoff

Hide debug messages

/wire on

View wireframes, looks neat

/wire off

Turn off wireframes

/wire drawchaton

A feature that turns on drawing chatboxes. Why do you need to see chatboxes on your alts anyway? Forward tells to your main, silly! This also has a performance hit, so it's not recommended.

/wire drawchatoff

Turns off drawing chatboxes

$10 for one year of updates, no auto renew.

Try before you buy:
MQ2EQWire is included for free in Very Vanilla Test Server.
Digital product
License duration
1 Years
10.00 USD
Renewal price
10.00 USD
First release
Last update
4.92 star(s) 12 ratings

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Latest updates

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    New commands, and no more HUD required!
  2. 20180929

    Improved efficiency, will now save about 50% more CPU per instance over last version. Commands...

Latest reviews

Hella 5Star Review - I recommend this plugin to everyone
Work as advertised, no loss in performance. Probably will make your money back in a week from electric bill savings.
Amazing, definitely worth the buy
Totally delivers... taking one star off because ... EQMule doesn't need it. :)
Just a superb plugin to ease the GPU/CPU load on boxing and increase responsiveness in the background
Why did i take so long to find this? Amazing difference
Top notch. This is definitely worth the cost.
Very good for your system
Works exactly as advertised. Cut my CPU and GPU utilization a substantial amount. I'm using it with ISBoxer and I actually adjusted my FPS limits higher for both fore and background in that CPU strategy wizard. Then using this I've set my background to 2 fps so I can still get an idea what those characters are doing on my 2nd monitor. With 6 chars running before I'd be close to 100% CPU on my 6-core FX-6300. Now I'm running about 50% with all 6 instances running Kiss 11.008 and I'm actively pulling mobs. There is one thing to get used to, when running in the background all you see is the base picture without any text boxes. It's more like watching a movie in full screen mode.