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Utility MQ2AutoGroup 1.02

Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
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MQ2AutoGroup is my plugin that will create your group, set group roles, and then run a command. Your MQ2AutoGroup.ini entries will look something like this:

Rich (BB code):
firiona_Hoosierbilly=/macro startshit
firiona_Eqmule=/macro startshit
firiona_Redbot=/macro startshit
firiona_Plure=/macro startshit
firiona_Masuri=/macro startshit
firiona_Noobhaxor=/macro startshit
Member1=Hoosierbilly|Master Looter
Member3=Redbot|Main Tank|Main Assist

Member1 is always going to be leader of the group. He is going to invite the other when they are in the same zone, they will only be invited one time. As people join the leader will assign group roles based on what you set in the ini. If for some reason your leader isn't Member1, no group roles will be assigned.

Group slots can be reserved for mercenaries. If you set one of your characters to use their mercenary they will attempt to revive them if dead, or if you don't set a character to have a mercenary and they are up they will be suspended. This action is only done right away, it doesn't continue through your time playing.

Open group slots can be set aside to be used by anyone connected to your eqbc server or on dannet. The group leader will invite anyone that connected to either service that is in the same zone as the group leader.

After all of the group members join, or you invite someone manually and the group is full each character will run one command that you have set for them. I have all of my characters run start.mac, it decides what macro to run by the zone your in, puts in a delay for my puller to give the buffers time to do their buffing etc.

Rich (BB code):
/AutoGroup create -> Create a new group, this player will be the leader.
/AutoGroup delete -> Will delete the group this player was in.
/AutoGroup startcommand "Command to be executed" -> Will execute the command once your group is formed.
/AutoGroup set [maintank|mainassist|puller|marknpc|masterlooter] -> Will set the player/merc targeted to that group role.
/AutoGroup remove [maintank|mainassist|puller|marknpc|masterlooter] -> Will remove that group role from your group.
/AutoGroup add [player|merc] -> Add the player/merc of the player targeted to your group.
/AutoGroup remove [player|merc] -> Remove the player/merc of the player targeted from their group.
/AutoGroup add [eqbc|dannet] -> Will give the option to invite characters connected to eqbc/dannet to your group.
/AutoGroup remove [eqbc|dannet] -> Will remove the the option to invite characters connected to eqbc/dannet.
/AutoGroup status -> Displays your settings and group.
/AutoGroup help

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